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December's Dwindling Daze

Cynthia finds amusing things to post from Facebook
Santa's "helmet" is NOT DOT approved !!
31 Dec: Happy New Year!!! The Smooches are celebrating the anniversary of Ron's first marriage proposal with dinner at Cafe on the Green. We were both surprised she said, "Yes." She said yes the second time, too.

Beautiful piano rendition of Auld Lang Syne: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7YrtkA8grW4

30 Dec: Christmas MusicGo, Tell It On The Mountain-- Ron had lost four or five pounds, but even though Christmas food is fat-free and sugar-free, the scale is back up temporarily. Workout this AM was very successful if being very sore means success. The excitement builds every week for the big shopping trip to Wally World only to discover the low price Walmart brand Corn Flakes (fat-free) was unavailable. Yesterday the Jacuzzi worked great on our sore bodies so we tried it again today. Cynthia spent this afternoon with granddaughters baby Fyn Rose and Zoe (who was celebrating a drivers permit as of today). And we managed a 4.5 mile walk again this evening.

29 Dec: Christmas MusicWe Three Kings Of Orient Are-- Brrrbutwearecold: The CrossFit participants wore leggings and jackets to workout because the gym (housed in a large warehouse) has no heat; despite the cold we worked up a sweat. Ron made a discovery about George Lea: WooHoo! After lunch we crawled into the Jacuzzi for a long, therapeutic soak and Ron treated Cynthia's sore feet and back to a massage that was so helpful we were able to log our 4.5 miles tonight. Our FitBits are quite demanding.

28 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsJoy To The World-- Not the correct song for this day: wind and 40-degree temperatures, plus a potential storm in Denton do not make for an enjoyable day; Ron rescheduled his visit to 97-year-old cousin Dorothy for mid-January, after medical and dental appointments, etc. We were Late! Yes, we arrived at CrossFit a half hour late because an email said, "The 12 Days of Christmas will be at 9:00." Misunderstanding! The "12 Days..." is a CrossFit routine that occurred Christmas Eve day. But, we worked out for 40 minutes anyway; Cynthia is still very sore. It's a beautiful sunny, chilly day in the neighborhood. Our walk was lovely and brisk this afternoon. Ron is working on Volume 7 (of the Colonial Records of the Swedish Churches of Pennsylvania). Cynthia is assisting women adoptees locate their birth mothers:

1. Rosemary Lavine or Lavigne b. ca. 1928-32 used name of Rosemary Scott on Apr. 18, 1950 Galveston, Texas, St Mary's Infirmary.

2. Sept 30 1964, 7lbs 3oz. Baby girl, Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas. Mom was 15 years old, likes to bowl, auburn hair. Surname begins with C.

27 Dec, Sunday: Christmas MusicAway In A Manger-- On the 2nd day of Christmas, we wished we were back in our king-size manger; the rain is pouring down in sheets. We arrived at church the usual time only to discover that the service an hour later today. We sat in the car waiting for worship and a break in the rain. The Christmas Carol Service was lovely, especially the guitar Offertory. We planed to boogie to the fitness center after brunch, but it closes at two on Sunday and the rain just kept coming down so a walk was out of the question. We are ever so thankful to be spared the violent storms that tore up North Texas, followed by blizzard conditions. Ron is packing for a trip to Denton to see our 98 year old cousin Dorothy in the BrrrrrEarly hours. She loves thee homemade bread that Cynthia bakes, so Cynthia popped one of those into the bread machine. Late in the evening, Dorothy wrote that the storms were violent and perhaps the smarter course is to visit somewhat later. After checking the forecast and discovering a high of 40 degrees with strong winds, Ron regretfully agreed.

26 Dec: Christmas MusicThe Twelve Days of Christmas -- And on the first day of Christmas we ate leftovers. Early morning CrossFit (9am) gave us a good workout so that one of us could feel justified spending a lazy day. Late afternoon we walked to dinner at the Caddy Shack. After dinner after dark we explored the golf cart path towards holes 1-9 instead of the usual 10-18; this route turned out to be about four miles and, although no rain was the forecast, we were rained on most of the last half mile. Glad tidings this Christmas is news that a new grandchild is due in July, making 13 (11 grands and soon 2 great grands). Guess who is elated?

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
Pretty in the middle
25 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsI Heard the Bells on Christmas Day -- We enjoyed a delightful day with grandson Brett, Roxanne and granddaughter Kira at their home when Santa Claus surprised us with a visit and gifts. Santa remembered (from years ago) bringing Ron peashooters and slingshots that Ron's grandma took away from him. (Those confiscated favorite toys were tossed high up onto the top shelf of the pantry, never to be seen again.) We ate too much food, but it was delicious, all fat-free and sugar-free including sweet potato casserole. Cynthia received a fit-bit but being too much-over-sore from jumping jacks yesterday, Ron went walking alone to get the 10,000 steps his Fitbit demands. From Ron's Christmas card: To me beloved wee-fee, "I couldn't be happier - than with you. I love how lovely you are-- appearance, heart and soul. I love how happy we are together-- and wouldn't change a thing about you-- even if I could. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and many many more. Love, Smooch.
24 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsSilent Night-- The shepherds are wondering, the cattle are lowing, and Angels are singing "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" for the babe of Bethlehem, the Savior of the World. Alleluia. We worshipped at Barb and Jon's Lone Star Cowboy Church (their Church band rocks! and the guitar player is truly gifted; have you ever heard an electric guitar produce sounds like a violin?) followed by dinner at Pappadeaux. And to all, "Merry Christmas and a very good night."

Marvelous Christmas gift from Ann (in Iowa) Many, many Thanks.
23 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsO Holy Night-- O Night of Surprise! A breathtaking bouquet (from Cynthia's Iowa friend) was delivered while we were walking. The Birds of Paradise are signature Ann J. arrangements especially at Christmas time. Ann J. and her mother traveled to many churches throughout the Midwest giving presentations on flowers in the Bible. Thank you Ann and Dale. Family and Friends are the greatest gifts for which we thank God.

22 Dec: Christmas MusicO Little Town of Bethlehem-- Busy Daze-- Doctor's shot dictates that Cynthia cannot exercise for 72 hours, so we took the day off from CrossFit but walked 4 miles after dinner. Ron has almost completed his autobiography except to add Niagara Falls View Marriott, Room 806 (and thousands more stories). Cynthia mailed her annual class Christmas newsletter and made four loaves of marvelous fat-free, sugar-free banana bread using egg whites and unsweetened applesauce. We gifted one to our neighbors. Iowa sweet corn on the cob and Norwegian lefse will arrive from Iowa friends by UPS today (but a day late - anxiety is high).
21 Dec: Christmas MusicThe First Noel-- The Smooches had a busy day beginning with CrossFit, what wored us out. Kim is merciless. Nonetheless we are both feeling virtuous to have met our goals on the rowing machines. Then we breakfasted at the Toasted Yolk en route to Cynthia's doctors appointment in the Woodlands. After a quick in & out there, we stopped at Smoothie King to fill Ron up with a Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie, then at the storage locker for someone to retrieve cute shoes (guess who), then at the UPS store to collect Cynthia's class letter (now ready for mailing), then at Wally World for Christmas dinner supplies, diet coke, and bleach (do not mix). Ron remembered to add the story of the marriage proposal to the autobiography. Last night, while walking & talking after midnight, Ron accidentally lost his headlamp when he took off his shirts (yes, it was that warm); since it had been a rainy, foggy morning, he hoped to find it (and did !! ). Twenty minutes into the walk Cynthia said that she regretted saying that she'd like to go; the poor girl is pooped. AND sore muscles. Ron isn't feeling particularly bouncy either. Looks like an early bedtime is rapidly approaching.
Delightful luxurious lunch w/ Steven, Samantha & Jon. SmoochSmooch is in the middle
20 Dec, Sunday: Christmas Music LyricsHave a Wonderful Christmas Time-- Grandkids Steven and Samantha joined us for a delightful Christmas brunch at the Yacht Club. Their dad would be very proud of them: Steven (Eagle Scout) is an executive Director with the Boy Scouts of America; Samantha starts a new job in January as a counselor to Autistic children. Jon had brunch with us, too. Cynthia looks a bit height challenged. Ron's brain went Bling with an anecdote for his autobiography so he wrote it on his palm during worship and proceeded to show his accomplishment to Yassar at the club. (Do you want to see my handwriting? - the writing on my hand.) We spent the afternoon complaining about being sore, working on computer stuffs, being sore and tired, until Cynthia fell asleep on the sofa whereupon waking Ron challenged her to stretch aerobics. The jumping jacks were not quite kosher. Ron made a credit card payment over the internet for the VERY FIRST time today in order to make a donation to help fund his friend Richard Gardner's recovery via GoFundMe.com. If any of my friends can spare a few bucks to help a friend of a friend, Richard needs help.
19 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsSpecial Feature *** Santa Claus is Rockin’ - Bradley Gillis -- Midnight ?! at Lake Conroe, Montgomery Texas. What in the world is Ron doing up this late ?? Obsession. with changing filenames to include page numbers on hundreds of photographs. But that is done for this one book (Otken's) and it is time to sleep. To Mee Weefee, I love you. SMOOCH! (From said weefee) and you win! CrossFit class wore one of us out, the other took it easy. After eating breakfast at Magnolia Diner we ran errands, Cynthia cleaned the house and made fat-free, sugar-free, three-layer Jello salad; Ron toiled mightily over installment two of his autobiographical letter, intended to be a small part of a friend's Christmas surprise for his daughter; especially important for the girlies, Ron remembered to add a link to our wedding photos. Eric's coin website may have been helped thanks to Uncle Ron; we won't know until someone running Windows 8 checks it out. BEWARE Windows 8 and Windows 10 are causing headaches for lots and lots of people. After making progress on two of his four missions for the day, Ron is looking at Volume 7 of the Colonial Records of the Swedish Churches. (Fortunately he has forgotten what the fourth project was.) Cynthia was too tired to walk tonight. Ron is going out now for a long walkity-talkity. Goodnight.
AttaGirl Samantha
Ron Beatty & beloved weefee (an attempt to get pictures to show up on Google searches)
18 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsYulePlay's Top 10 Christmas Songs Granddaughter Samantha graduated from the University of Houston with a MA in Ed. Psychology. We left the house at 9:30 in order to breakfast at the Toasted Yolk, allowing for the 1.5-hour drive on I-45 SW, where traffic is normally challenging or worse; today we were pleasantly surprised and quite pleased that holidays plus graduations hadn't increased traffic as anticipated. So we arrived early and had to wait in line for an hour. In an amusing roll-reversal, Cynthia chatted up a storm with the guy in line ahead of us while Ron made a cautionary pit-stop at the Science and Engineering Classroom building. Samantha looked very elegant and graceful "waltzing" across the stage to accept her degree. We were anticipating seeing her from close range as the graduates normally walked the perimeter of the "infield", but she apparently ducked out a back door. It did not take us many minutes to decide to avoid the crowds and depart early too. Rush hour traffic at 3:30 wasn't so terrible although it did stop a few times before we arrived at Pappadeaux where we enjoyed a yummy salmon dinner. Immediately upon arrival home on Northshore Drive we changed clothes and enjoyed a pleasant 4+mile walk on Walden's golf course on a beautiful, clear, starry night. Lights reflecting in the lake looked like Neverland. Ron continued working throughout the day on the MacBook relabeling photos of Frances Otken's Lea book. Adobe Acrobat Pro is an amazingly useful application. You can take document photos, combine them into an PDF and run OCR with quite good accuracy. Imagine how happy our little techie is.

17 Dec:Christmas MusicAway In A Manger CrossFit class was better today, but we are still sore. Ron is writing an autobiographical letter for a high school friend to give to his daughter. It will not be short. Once it is completed it will be posted on Ron Beatty website. Maybe this will be the overview of the yet unwritten book, "A Bachelor's Guide to Life." We walked 4.5 miles tonight after dinner at the Caddy Shack.
16 Dec:Christmas Music LyricsIt Came Upon The Midnight Clear... Midnight in Texas. Ron should be asleep, but feels good that he sent the final OK for Volume 6 and got Richard's Page started. Smooch, smooch, smooch, I love you (to Cynthia). Awweee! Smooch! (To Ron) If we print the eight years of this blog we could title it, " A Beatty Good Love Story," ?? Oh, my goodness we are sore from our first session at CAPElite Boot Camp this morning. One exercise is called the butt drop; once this is mastered we can be assured of never needing assistance getting up from the toilet. After the hour workout Ron took the bike to Rick's Station to be inspected for registration renewal. We worked on our projects which included yet more email about Volume 6. Finally, finally, the order to print is received and acknowledged. We walked about four miles roundtrip stopping at the Caddy Shack for dinner en route.
15 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsLisa Brigantino - It’s Christmastime and we were off to the dentist after breakfast at the Toasted Yolk. Staples would not exchange the Fitbit since they have a two week window for electronics returns. The day was long, but a delicious salmon dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant revitalized. Ron was reading galley proof pages for Volume 6 in the car and at the restaurants all day today. Tonight Ron walked for two hours, visiting by phone with Richard G. who suffered an unfortunate stroke recently; the medical bills were horrendous, and he ran out of funds for rehab. He is struggling in an inferior nursing home. Richard is a friend from MIT college days. Beanie is again near the top of the kidney transplant list and has a good potential donor; we are excited and hoping for the best, and soon. Volume 6 passed inspection and is ready to print.
14 Dec: Christmas MusicThe First Noel Another "busy" day in Montgomery, Texas. We shopped for groceries at Wally World, ate lunchtime breakfast omelets at the Magnolia Diner, and put our shorts on before walking to the Walden fitness center about two in the afternoon. The Fitbit was pleased and buzzed at 10,000 steps. Too amusing to realize that Texans don't wear shorts until winter because it it too bloody hot to leave the air conditioning the rest of the year. During winter temperatures are pleasant enough to be outdoors in shorts. Ron is still preoccupied with James Lea - now working on Herndon Haralson, whose autobiographical letter written in 1842 has survived and been published several times. Tomorrow he MUST STOP that and review galley proofs for Volume 6. Ouch!!! Lauren was rear-ended at 249 and FM 1960 and her car was shoved into the car in front of her. The guy who caused this mishap checked to see that the drivers were ok and suggested they move the cars (in TX, if you can drive it, clear it) and the guy drove off. Thankfully this happened after graduation and not before. Beddy Bye. G'Night.
13 Dec, Sunday: Christmas MusicWhat Child Is This? "First the silence, then the peace, then the empty hands uplifted;" it was good to worship at Grace Lutheran once again. Pastor Diane launched her sermon with a an engaging sing along. During the children's message about the angel's visit to Mary, a precocious little girl asked "Where's Joseph?", getting a hearty laugh from the adults. We said a brief good-bye to Pastor Hinkhouse (who is moving to central Texas) and beat a quick retreat to the Walden Yacht Club for Sunday brunch. The Yacht Club staff welcomed us home, royally. Ron insisted that we show another diner Cynthia's cell phone EKG app and got a HUGE surprise, a "normal" EKG reading (instead of the usual "cannot classify" message). Sunshine and clearing were promised for this afternoon, but clouds and light rain prevailed. With great relief, we found Cynthia's ministry files on backup external hard drives. Ron continued endless editing on James Lea. We shoulda ignored the forecast & gotten out for a walk; Ron's Fitbit is having fits about lack of physical activity.
Da HAPPY graduate
graduate sandwich
12 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsJoy To The World Congratulations to granddaughter Lauren Nicole Forde who graduated with a Master of Arts in Counseling. Lauren's parents treated us to a celebration lunch at Del Pueblo. At three PM we started our walk, but simultaneously rain started falling, so instead we drove to the Fitness Center for a light workout followed by dinner at the Caddy Shack. Cheryl S. emailed, "Ron never imagined he would be a grandfather, did he?"

11 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsHave a Wonderful Christmas Time. Cynthia has an appointment for a girliecure or at least the pedicure & manicure parts. Ron will be reading/ editing through more of James Lea as soon as Word decides to function. It is 80 nice degrees hereabouts. Afterwards we walked to the Caddy Shack for dinner. After dinner it was dark, so we could walk the golf course to the point of the lake in hopes of Del Lago fireworks, but that was a No-Show this Friday night. This time one small herd of deer stood still while we walked by within fifteen feet.
10 Dec: Christmas MusicJingle Bells At 1:01 AM Cynthia stole the march and got points for first "I Love You" of the day, breaking Ron's streak of several first points. Today's good news is that Cynthia has lost weight after all, so we can eat before the end of the month. We've eaten "breakfast"; Ron called the Rosenberg Library in Galveston and sent an e-mail to William T. Block in pursuit of "The History of the Lea Family" by Albert Miller Lea 1879, and we are ready to go pick up Cynthia's rental car, before or after a visit to Smoothie King. Imagine our astonishment when a realtor called Jon now asking to show the house TODAY, our first day back; fortunately we hadn't strewn our stuffs too widely, so it was not a problem to hide everything in a hurry to make the house presentable. Smoothie King lived up to expectations; the strawberry-kiwi Smoothie was delicious. Unfortunately all God's Smoothies contain waaaay tooo many carbs for Cynthia, so we fed her a bun-less hamburger at the Caddy Shack. A nice, long, pleasant and comfortably cool walk to the fitness center ended our day as darkness fell.
9 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsSpecial Feature *** I'm Goin Home *** and we arrived at the lake house minutes before noon after a pleasant 30-mile ride from Cleveland, including a stop at the Toasted Yolk, where one of our favorite waitresses was working today. Cynthia says she has lost no weight, so we are not eating again this month; I'm hoping for a visit to Smoothie King later today when we shop for groceries and retrieve a few things from storage. So here I sit outdoors sans shirt for this update to the blog - probably 70 degrees now with a forecast high of 74. Ditto tomorrow & Friday, rain Saturday (for graduation ceremonies) & Sunday.
8 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsO Come, All Ye Faithful ! Rested we Rode! The 250 mile ride was marvelous, winding across the bayous, bridges and prairies of SW Louisiana on old U.S. 190 and LA 12 and into Texas before turning north on TX 105 to Cleveland, Texas. We've finally caught up to fall, at least in the form of falling leaves and worn-out, muted colors. D and M 's Cafe serves all day breakfasts, and the new waitress was a hoot. Funniest sign today, "Bark Park."
And Ron knows how to load a buffet plate
The Grand Hotel knows how to create a buffet table centerpiece
Here is that cousin, Gerry.
Our distant genealogical cousin (Rambo of course) owns this.
7 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsGood Christian Men, Rejoice We started out riding on back roads from Navarro Island to Baton Rouge, LA, covering 267 miles by the end of the day. The Grand Hotel, decorated beautifully for Christmas, was a perfect place to stop for lunch; several staff members remembered us (who wouldn't?). Nearby Fairhope, one of Alabama's favorite retirement communities, is home of Rambo's Auto Service, and a stop is mandatory although Gerry was very busy today and Freda has gone back to work for the schools. Once we got to I-10 we stayed on it following fastest traffic to get to Baton Rouge before dark. Ron woulda preferred Gulf side back roads with scenic views insterspersed among wall to wall construction. Cousin Pat B. boogied over to the Hilton Garden Inn to join us for dinner and marvelous conversation. She is a jewel.

Lazy River at the Pensacola Beach Holiday Inn
6 Dec: Christmas MusicGo, Tell It On The Mountain is an apropos Christmas Carol. We said good-bye to our friends at Sharon's Cafe twice today (breakfast and lunch). Ron finished re-cycling and mailed our Christmas cards. Today's ride along the Gulf Coast provided marvelous views in between hundreds of high rises and countless condo units. Panama City boasted beautiful antebellum style mansions along miles of shore line. Once we reached Navarro Island, the sunset glowed surreal in shades of scarlet, orange, pink and magenta reflected in the Aquamarine gulf waters; pristine white sand dunes hugged seven miles of unobstructed natural wonderment. Ron is quite pleased Cynthia was so delighted with his "find;" this unique Holiday Inn with a "Lazy River" swimming pool situated directly below from our seventh-floor balcony.

5 Dec:
Cynthia was greatly amused by this Christmas list: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I-iFsxSNN2c. Ron discovered eating grits, plus hash browns sans oil, and a 3 egg-white veggie omelet provides satiety until lunch time; a stack of fat free blueberry pancakes, another 3 egg-white veggie omelet with grits, resolves hunger until dinner. It is surprising that his weight drops so easily when he eats no bread, no pretzels. Kim, the waitress, expressed astonishment at the amount of food we can eat and still stay thin. Today was a gorgeous, sunny day with temperatures reaching 70 degrees; we felt a potential sunburn during our beach walks. Ron finished responding to last years Christmas cards, stamped and addressed the envelopes. We are nearly packed for tomorrow's 125 mile ride. Dinner tonight at Toucan's was very good. Looky at the photo below of Ron in 2008, super skinny with a beard after hiking 1500 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

Another photo from long ago that Cynthia is recycling
4 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsShayna Leigh - Wake Me When It's Christmas Our days are satisfyingly repetitive: we eat breakfast and lunch at Sharon's Cafe, walk the beach, do computer stuff, walk to dinner, & done. (Ron was surprised to discover he left without paying the lunch bill at Sharon's yesterday.) This afternoon we walked about five miles on the beach and back, marveling that the drifts of pristine white sand beach resemble snow banks. As usual, we worked on computer projects: Volume 6 re-appeared in the inbox with two more images that needed correction; nephew Eric phoned with an issue on his website that was apparently already corrected by the time Ron checked. Cynthia is writing her class Christmas newsletter, plus an endorsement for a friend's book about surviving divorce. We had a nice walk, although a bit chilly, to dinner at Toucans. The food is OK; Mexico Beach lacks fine dining and selection in the off-season. On the other hand, we've had the place to ourselves this week. Now to work on our Christmas letter and cards. (We found delightful starfish-on-the beach "Seas and Greeting" cards). Ron is struggling to reply to last years Christmas cards.
3 Dec: Christmas Music LyricsHark The Herald Angels/Little Drummer Boy (click the link and listen to the carol) We awoke to condensation on the windows, a real feel of 44 degrees, and overcast skies. Walking the nearly empty beach we saw two women who were very excited to share their discovery of a school of starfish in the shallow surf. A number of seagulls were sitting near a large, beached redfish, and the sun was taking sneak peeks on the gulf below. This afternoon we learned red tide (which is a "normal" increase in algae) is responsible for the dead fish and birds we were seeing. Even though the day was chilly, we enjoyed a very long walk on the beach to the canal. A few healthy Pelicans frolicked near the canal, and four or five fighter jets flew overhead. (Tyndall Air Force Base in nearby.) On the way back to the hotel we found the perfect Christmas cards in a gift shop (Seas and Greetings). Sunset displayed a ribbon of scarlet and deep magenta at the horizon against a sky full of ominous shades of black, gray and blue. Rain was forecast, but did not fall on us as we walked to dinner at Toucan's. (The salmon was yummilicious.) Ron has averaged 15,000 steps a day for the past seven days.

El Governor decorates this pavilion beautifully
2 Dec: A Christmas carol: "Christmas MusicDo You Hear What I Hear? " After breakfast we walked to the post office in a light mist that turned to serious rain on the return trip to the hotel. A nice fellow in a pick up truck offered us a ride back to the hotel. We were pleased with a total 2.13 miles for the morning walk. The surf is fascinating to see from our room with computers in our laps; Ron is back on track with James Lea while Cynthia is progressing with the Lea YDNA project. The sky turned very dark at four but we ventured forth to walk the beach to Mango Marley's to dinner. Ron's Mahi Mahi was tasty and Cynthia's Redfish was very good, too. And! WooHoo! 13,548 footsteps today. El Governor is continuing their Christmas light decorations; this is another picture that benefits from enlarging.
Sunrises about 5:45 AM. We enjoyed this magnificent one and a few others.
This one is worth seeing full size; click on the picture.
1 Dec: Twas the month before Christmas and all through the room; not a creature was stirring especially not us retired sleepyheads. Ron arose from his spot without even a cap, but detoured to the balcony before answering nature's call, and what to our wondering eyes should appear but the this gorgeous sunrise on Mexico Beach. (More polish, or is this good.) Woohoo! 8000 steps were recorded by 10:00 AM. We walked along the beach to Sharon's for breakfast and afterwards westward to the pier. The sun was blinding as we returned to the hotel, so we followed the street for bits of shade. A Sturgis tee-shirt prompted conversation with a guy who had trailered his Harley from Indiana. His uncle helped him build his first motorcycle, powered by a 3HP Briggs and Stratton. First guy we've ever met who has ridden a Briggs & Stratton motorcycle. We walked to Sharon's again for lunch, and after lunch Ron continued on the beach to the canal, walking and talking Sistah Carol and other friends on the phone. Sunset was also delightful. The sunset photo is forthcoming.

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