Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 April - A Great Day at the Farmstead!

2 May:  Hi there my beloved Smooch Smooch.  It is time to create a new post.  I love you and look forward to the wedding at Gloria Dei in Philadelphia in another ten days.  Love & smooch smooch.

 30 April, Sat: A Rambo Apple tree planting was held at the "New Sweden" Farmstead near Bridgeton, NJ.  The Bridgeton mayor and lots of NJ Swedish Colonial Society members participated in planting and clean up.   Student history intern, Lloyd Frisone, received a five hundred dollar Sappington scholarship from the Order of the First Families of Maryland established for Colonial History projects.  Lloyd will inventory the artifacts for the Farmstead in preparation for the 375th anniversary of the Swedes arrival along the Delaware River.  

27 April, Wed:  The rector of Gloria Dei wrote a marvelous recommendation to the bishop for permission to marry in that congregation:

"Ronald Beatty, etc., etc., baptized...etc.,    ...   He was, to quote him, "a geek before it was fashionable."  His interest in technology has sent him around the world a number of times.  He is intelligent, quick witted, and loving.   His life experience is varied, variegated and fascinating to hear,.  He has always been independent and unimpressed with material things.  This has allowed him to travel, to work in a number of vocations and locations, and to discover people and places beyond the scope of most of us.  He is a joyful presence and a delight to be with.  While not a regular church-goer, Ron is a faithful man who clearly, "lives the Gospel out loud."  His loving presence, his patience and care for all around him, and his delight in God's good creation are evident to all who meet him,"

26 April, Tues:  Ron is archived again.  Smooch Smooch visited a sports medicine specialist to discover she has a torn rotator cuff (push-ups). 

 25 April, Mon:  SEPTA (commuter train) was a surprisingly easy method of travel to City Hall in central Philadelphia for the marriage license.  The train runs UNDER the subway with long underground shopping centers.  Ron lost points for giving away Smooch Smooch's age.  Fortunately, this courthouse did NOT have tight security and take away his prize pocket knife despite having to obtain a visitor's pass to get into the courthouse,  The clerk was quite delightful and made the trip worthwhile.   We celebrated at McCormick and Schmick's with champagne. 
Smooch Smooch is pointing at Peter Rambo's name on the plaque affixed to the  outside wall of City Hall  The city center is a-blooom!  It was a stellar day!

 blue heron at the lake house

24 April, Sun: 3:30 AM!  We asked for it: a wake-up call - knowing we would not awaken on our own despite arising at that hour the past two mornings.  Groggy, we  groped to dress for the Easter Vigil at Gloria Dei.   Prepared for an hour drive, one of us was surprised to find the freeways and toll-roads almost empty; we arrived at Penn's Landing in a short twenty five minutes.

Yes. we arrived before the priest.  But the delightful music director was standing outside easily recognized by his bare feet and super giant size height; the sexton's wife remembered Ron from earlier visits to the church when he camped in the churchyard amongst the gravestones.   Street light illumined the Rambo apple tree blooming (18 days too early).   Sexton Jim distributed candles and service bulletins.

There we were - a small gathering of worshippers huddled in the hush of the graveyard, twenty-one counting the organist.  The priest passed fire to our candles and led the procession into the sanctuary with the Paschal candle held high bringing light into the darkness.  Seated in the ancient edifice, we maintained vigil listening meditatively to the Word, pausing for silence and prayer while the sunrise slowly sparkled mystically through stained glass windows high above the altar.  Caught up in the experience, two of us forgot to extinguish our candles until reminded.

Joy.  Easter JOY!  Even the priest is named Joy. Joy is Easter's message.

23 April, Sat:  19 days.  I love you!!

22 Apr:  Smooch & Smooch Smooch suffered through another day of separation.  Cynthia is in Texas for doctors and family.  The Seminary is shut down for Easter, so Ron is finally above ground and breathing again.  Now the big question is, "Can he straighten up the mess in the hotel room before Cynthia returns, or will he have to pony up the bucks for another room?"  Scoogi's, a wonderful restaurant, and Melissa and Al at the Ft. Washington Holiday Inn all need to be recognized and thanked, but it is near dark, and I need my exercise first.  More later unless I fall asleep at the post.  Ooooh, yes !  Spring is gorgeous hereabouts recently.

20 April, Wed: Title for a new book: "Archived."   The long day's journey (9:30 AM) into the archives does not end until ten or eleven P.M.     

18 April, Mon:  Smooch Smooch has departed for Texas leaving no adult supervision in the archives for five days.  Returning Saturday with wedding plans as her only focus. I love you - love you - love you!!!

15 April, Fri: Thank you, Nina!  What can we say to the marvelous gift of prose and art collage written, designed, created, blessed and birthed by our dear Santa Fe friend, Nina Farana for limited edition gifts to the wedding guests.  Nina's work is incomparable.  The printing done on fine papers from a 400 year old German mill, hand-tied with a ribbon and ribbon marker in apple green is magnificent.  We will share prose she wrote for us in the blog when given permissions.  We are blessed with your friendship.  You are loved, God danced the day you were born!  Thank you.

12 April, Tues:  One month to the day!  "Are you excited,"Janina asked.  "Yes! YES on all counts, but Cynthia expresses it more."

Tony Rubbo wrote a special song for us to be sung during the ceremony and reception:

We’ve Traveled Through Time

A very long time ago
Before this world was known
The spirits of two lovers
Were destined to travel alone
Until they found each other
Until they found their home

And the name they carried
The day they married
And the love they’re giving
Through the life they’re living
Are all part of their story
All for the glory

We’ve arrived at this moment
With a new life to share
We’ve traveled through time
To find ourselves here

And now we walk the trails
And travel the roads
Guided by His peace
Everywhere we go
And though the world is changing, and the seasons, passing
Our love’s remaining a love everlasting

And the name we carried, the day we married
Love we’ve been given through this life we’re living
Are all part of a story, all for His glory

Through the seasons of change
And this world we’ve discovered
We’ve traveled through time
To find each other

Through these hundreds of years that I’ve waited for you
Apple trees still blossom in the spring,
And the Old Swedes church bells still ring
But now there’s something new
Now, there’s you

We’ve arrived at this moment
With a new love to share
We’ve traveled through time
To find ourselves here

Is this nice or what?? BUT... just wait till you see our dance!  Ya ain't seen nothin' yet!

9 April, Sat:  The first ever Wine, Food and Film Festival was held tonight at the Main Street Theatre in Bridgeton, NJ.  The film was "The Big Night" (Italian) and the cuisine Italian ... of course.  Creative idea!  The tickets were sold out weeks ago.

 8 April, Fri:  It is raining.  Of course, it is supposed to rain in April to bring May Fleurs (and apple blossoms, like RAMBO Apple tree blossoms).  Rambo Apple Photo thanks to Alfred N. of the SCS.

A cold and rainy day for us'ns to have fun.  Arrived at the West Chester Historical Society to meet delightful Rambo cousin Donna S.   Smooch is foregoing research to create menu scrolls out of parchment paper.  Unfortunately she tied 130 bows too big.  The ribbon thingies have to be UN-tied and RE-tied.  The Historical Society has not yet frowned upon the mess she has created on the library table.

Tonight's dinner with  Kim-Eric and some of the SCS members was at the Four Dogs Tavern in a little hamlet in the hills of West Chester (Marshalltown) .  The tavern was so loud it was almost unbearable.  But the company ever so fun.  It is located next door to the historic Inn where Washington stopped, slept and certainly drank at the bar that is unchanged. 

 5 April, Tues: We met Lovely Niece Sweet Sarah, a navy JAG, to choose wedding stuffs and then walked in the rain to dine on Latin American Cuisine at  Amada's.  Too noisy.   IMAGINE ...only fourteen minutes over parking meter time out and there is a $36.00 ticket on the windshield.  14 minutes!

4 April, Mon: Sleeping later than late, we managed to arrive at the Archives by nine thirty still asleep.  Today's high was a balmy 74 degrees; spring's sleepy eyes are beginning to open, too.  Daffodils a-bloom,  trees putting forth. Soon and very soon it will be a flower wonderland in Philadelphia.

3 April, Sun:  119th Anniversary of the first ICE CREAM  SUNDAE.  Great lunch at the Black Pearl restaurant - newly opened two weeks ago.  

2 April, Sat:  The high today reached 52 degrees.  Another long day in the Archives.  Dinner with Eric and Jean at the Brewery was a marvelous treat.  The beer is unique.  Cynthia was surprised to discover a light ale she enjoyed.  We had a limited food selection for our dietary restrictions, but Eric had  marvelous sweet potato french fries.  Jean was the designated driver returning us to their house to make sure we could drive soberly back to the hotel.   Can you believe the stupidity... STUPIDITY...  of the hotel maid who emptied the glass of water for the flowers and left the flowers on the console with NO water.  STUPIDITY!

1 April, Fri:  Snow.  Heavy snow.  Lots of heavy snow.   Fools rush out where angels fear to sled.  Melting by mid-day hope prevails for May flowers.  Smooch Smooch promised the wedding guests that Philadelphia's cherry and those all- important Rambo apple trees would be in full bloom the week of the wedding.  The wedding will have to take place when the blossoms put forth.   Worked in the Archives until eight PM before going to dinner with John P. at Bonefish Grill.