Saturday, June 16, 2007

Aha, Hurrah, the trip has begun

26 Jun: Jim and I are packed & ready to leave Mt. Airy. I'll left around noon and rode Jim's DR650 Suzuki, a dirt bike with a tiny windshield, a vastly different, upright riding position, and a lot more torque. It will be fun, fun, fun. Jim has to work until early afternoon and will suffer through the heat of the day. Our target for the day is Waynesboro at the end of Skyline Drive, but I may continue further if the riding position is comfortable for me. Wednesday we'll ride the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park where we meet up with another dozen good friends for a motorcycling celebration until July 4th.
I'm leaning toward hiking the southern chunk of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia starting in South Carolina although I could hike south from Maryland. shows that the Bankson volume is finally totally ready to send to the publisher and today's final chore is to read & sign the publisher's contract (but didn't quite get it done).
23 Jun: It was sooooo very comforting and pleasurable to again arrive safely at Jim's in Mt. Airy. Elwood and Maya are Jim's wonderfully enthusiastic and well-behaved dogs. Within fifteen minutes of arrival, Jim convinced me to get a "new" bike, probably Lee's GS. This is really big.
20 Jun: The four days with Lee were delightful. Jack and Alice are such nice people in Marietta. The AAA office helped me get a proof of insurance card. And the state of Florida did get my renewed licence to me eventually.
16 Jun, Saturday: After coffee and an afternoon of genealogy research at the Hudson Library, I rode to Dover, Ohio to see Lee, Tammy, Britany, Cliff, Hope and Joe. (June 24th is Hope's birthday.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Jun 14th 2007, I'm still in Cleveland since cousin Gloria has a nasty case of poison ivy in her eyes. Since there is more to do on the rock wall, I'll stay a while longer.

Jun 5th 2007 I'm in Cleveland, house sitting for Walt & Pam. They are due home on the 9th, but the rock wall needs more work and a little "adult supervision."