Tuesday, July 2, 2019

July... Her Birthday Month

20 Jul: We are sitting in the restaurant of the Inn with Mac and Sudokus in hand once again, all the while feeling exhausted and mighty sore from that ambitious seven-plus mile hike yesterday.  Onward and upward, hoping the other would say we shouldn't hike.  We chose the Kent Pond Trail to Thundering Falls Trailhead because it doesn't have a big elevation gain.  Ron sawed through a few trees that had fallen across the trail.  Our 5.82 mileage seems insignificant in comparison to our exhaustion!  Reggie, the chef, prepared hummus without any oil or sodium for Cynthia.  YUM!  

19 Jul: We are sitting in the restaurant of the Inn with Mac and Sudokus in hand, all the while taking time to marvel at the garden view out the windows.  Patty and Murray have created a colorful tiered rock garden.  In the middle is a sculpture of a hiker with a heart.  Aweeeee!  Today's forecast is high heat.   The cloud cover, along with significant elevation gain, and a lovely cool breeze made it a wonderful hike.  The stretch from the ski run to the junction is rough with roots and rocky.  According to the Apple Watch, we hiked seven-plus miles.  We reached Jungle Junction where the A.T., Long Trail and the Sherburne Pass Trail converge.  Ron sawed a few trees that had fallen across the trail, and he gave up on a couple, too.   

18 Jul:  We are going hiking since rain is not dominating the forecast.  And a few hours later, we are home after exhausting ourselves; six days of not hiking or walking took a toll.  Or maybe aging is catching up with us?  We met a lot of hikers; 'Sunnyside Up' is a lovely girl from Martha's Vineyard who hiked most of the trail last year and is back at it again.  Ron didn't wear a tightly woven long sleeve shirt; a billion mosquito's proboscis dive-bombed into his back.  We like the idea of doing a southbound A.T. hike next year starting at Harper's Ferry. Maybe... just maybe.  Granddaughter Zoe landed in Thailand for summer work at an elephant sanctuary and teaching ESL;  She is officially a freshman in college.  Granddaughter Rachel is officially pregnant!  YAY!  And granddaughter Corrie is 41 weeks pregnant with Caleb.  YAY for babies.  

17 Jul:  Inn at Long Trail, Killington, Vermont:  We may have slept nine hours.  It rained all night and all day.  Cynthia worked on her DNA article, plus updating the Bankston DNA for further genetic analysis.  Ron worked on Sudokus all day until he was bleary-eyed and then some.  Getting old is hard work, so mid-afternoon, we took a nap.  At 6 PM we enjoyed a light dinner of potatoes and salad before returning to our sudokus etc.

16 Jul:  We celebrated by napping for three hours.  Okie has a lot of Sudokus for Ron, plus a puzzle!  Imagine that.  Cynthia had lots of text and email birthday wishes that made her very happy.  Annie sent a fun package of notes, watercolor greeting cards, a Norwegian recipe card, a protective cross to carry with us on the bike, and a photo of Cynthia at age 13.  Cynthia sent a photo of the photo to granddaughter Zoe and asked who it looked like.  Zoe said, "DAD!"  Son Paul said, "I don't ever remember having hair like that."  That just shows that even Paul is becoming forgetful.

15 Jul:  Cynthia is awake at 1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM and finally out of bed at four AM.  The alarm is set for 5 AM.  Oh well.  The 7:40 AM  flight out of Houston was on time; Ron arrived in Rutland in time to put ten or twenty pieces into the very colorful jigsaw puzzle they have out to entertain those of us who puzzle.  The Smooches are happily reunited, fedified, and ensconced back into "our" room at the Inn at Long Trail.  And a good time was had by all.  The puzzle of the day is to wonder why the GPS decided to route Ron west on NH 124 to US 5 S to Keene to NH 12 N to finally get to NH 123 west into Vermont rather than merely turning left on 123 at the start.  Oh, now that I try it on Google maps, the difference is only ONE mile.

14 Jul, Sunday:  Ron is breakfasted and about to ride to Watertown to visit Richard one more time before riding to Sharon, NH to visit Margie and Richard.  The ride to Sharon was lovely, leaving Watertown via Bedford Road out to I-95 north for six miles to MA 225 back to Dave's house to pick up luggage and say goodbyes, then continuing out 225 until MA 110 N to 119 N to Townsend, MA where a bumpy road connects to NH 124 N to NH 123 N to Jarmany Hill Road.  Cynthia (in Texas) is going to worship at Grace Lutheran followed by Brunch with grandchildren. Tonight, she will drop off the rental car at the airport and overnight at a hotel nearby because of the 6:30 AM check-in for the flight to Smooch!  Mmmmm! and Mmmmm2 !!
Mom between her two boys

13 Jul:  Carlisle, Mass.  Already since it is 1 AM again.  Today's plan is to see Maggie in Hingham.  In the meantime-and-in-between-time,  Jul 13 in Montgomery, Texas, Cynthia is missing Ron.  Family and friends created a hilarious video of her life and happy birthday wishes.  Ron also made a very hilarious video singing, ”Good Morning to You!”   Ron is so proud of himself that he didn't accidentally give away the surprise party by blabbing something inappropriately.  The first part of the ride to Hingham was fine, being the normal route: MA 225 S & E, but once Ron turned onto on I-95, the fun soon departed as the traffic was very heavy and there were several stop-and-go slowdowns that left him baking in the direct 
Jon and Kiira
sunlight.  That is the price you pay for taking the major Boston circumferential I-95 (formerly 128.)  Once he turned the corner onto I-93 N and MA 3 S, the riding again became more pleasant, and it was satisfying to see familiar landmarks from previous visits.  While Maggie was coming down to the entrance reception area, Ron struck up a conversation with Mary Ellen, who was doing a 15-by-15 sudoku on the computer.  It was quite the surprise to discover that she is a retired MIT civil engineer whose 
Cheryl and Fyn
favorite job included blowing up 
bridges and dams.  The entire afternoon was delightful, and it was well worth suffering in the sun through traffic to get to Linden Ponds.  The ride back to Watertown to see Richard in the evening was better as regards traffic and sunshine, but the choice of MA 16 was a poor choice with typical big city roads in terrible condition.  Richard seemed more lively and cheerful and motivated than yesterday, but it was because he had hatched this idea that Ron could take him via motorcycle to nearby Fresh Pond where the "Jovians" had set up a time booth that could transport Richard
Mee beloved WeeFee
 back in time to 2015 before his stroke - which would recover the function of his left hand.  The nursing staff would not consider it, and it would require his doctor's and his guardian's approvals.  No surprise there, but Richard had really hoped that it would work and was severely disappointed.

Cynthia and kids
12 Jul:  Today went very well.  At 6 AM it was raining, so it was easy to fall back to sleep.  At 8:30 AM the phone rang, but Ron thought it was his pill alarm, and it was still raining.  After morning exercises and a goodby to Kris, Ron was able to enjoy his morning oatmeal without feeling rushed to be out and about on wet roads.  By 11 AM the roads were dry and the ride to Watertown was pleasant and easy.  Richard was in the lunchroom when Ron arrived, and after lunch, asked to see the motorcycle.  Peg rolled Richard out the door and left Ron to roll Richard back inside later.  After 45 minutes, Richard told Ron that this was the longest he had been outside in a preceding year.  Formerly a good-hearted volunteer had come once a week to spend time with Richard and to take him outside on good days, but Richard hasn't seen that volunteer in a year.  About 3 PM, after a surprising rumble of thunder, Ron said good-by for today and rode to Whole Foods for luncheon salad again.  The plan was to then ride to Bob & Rachel's in Arlington for dinner, but rain intervened, so Ron ate half of the salad at Whole Foods and the other half at Bob & Rachel's after Aletta left.  It was a surprise and a delight to see Aletta and her new puppy.  It was very wonderful to see Bob, Rachel, and Aletta again for such a relaxed, comfortable visit.  Now it is again 1 PM and time for bed.

11 Jul:  Carlisle, Massachusetts.  Day one without adult supervision.  Since the motorcycle had only 11 miles worth of gasoline in the tank, it seemed a priority to find more gas, but also seemed unnecessary (to Ron) to go out of the way to get it.  By the time Ron stopped at the Shell station in Bedford, the gauge was reading only one mile left until empty.  Ron did spend all day with his crippled friend Richard at the Watertown Health Center today.  Around 3 PM Ron rode over to Whole Foods for a huge salad lunch and frozen fruit bars dessert.  Richard asked Ron to find him a pair of cotton athletic shorts, and TJ Max had those.  About 7 PM Ron rode back out to Carlisle and stayed up talking with Dave until after midnight.  (Smooch to Ron in Mass from a wide-awake Cynthia in Texas at 5:30 AM)(And Smooch back from a very sleepy Ron in Mass at 1:19 AM.)

10 Jul:  More sorbet, but no so many awakenings last night, although Cynthia complained of too many.  We breakfasted at our relaxed normal 9 PM and Ron continued packing.  The two packages we are leaving here are bulging.  The motorcycle will be packed more lightly than usual, and we are ready to eat lunch at 1 PM.  Today Ron is pleased to report that his sore legs seem to have vanished with the additional exertions of the last two days.  We had thought to hike a bit today, but Cynthia has a blister under one toenail and decided against a hike today.  The plan is that Cynthia will catch a 4 PM flight out of Rutland for Houston via Boston to celebrate her birthday with her children in Houston.  Don't be surprised if Ron fails to blog for a few days. ( Cynthia’s flight at four was on an 8 passenger puddle jumper from Rutland to Boston; after a three-hour layover, the United Fight took off against one of the most incredible sunsets arriving in Houston at 11:21 PM.  She made the mistake of watching TV newscasts on the flight. Not good. .  

9 Jul:  More sorbet and another night of multiple awakenings.  Since our legs feel good, we decided upon a longer hike to the ski run again today, and Ron found another few trees to saw and remove from blocking the trail.  Cynthia took a couple of photos of the tree that is blocking the trail to show Murray.  Tonight we made the tentative correlation that evening sorbet might be interfering with our sleep - after Ron ordered and ate a second bowl.  Ron did remember to call Dr. Dougherty's office and discovered that TODAY is the day to send the remote reading of his pacemaker to the doctor.  (done)  Now pardon me while I get busy transcribing the route to Gill and Carlisle and Watertown onto paper in preparation for tomorrow.
Maybe that was a pry log

8 Jul:  We decided upon a shorter hike today to allow our legs to recuperate a bit.  Hiker Ron borrowed Murray's super sharp Stihl hand saw and sawed five fallen trees to remove them from the trail.  He was tired/ exhausted!  Imagine that!  We were in bed plenty long but woke up multiple times.  Perhaps sorbet is not a good night time dessert.

First of several cuts to remove most of the tree

View from ski platform

Ron is hilariously funny!

Hiker Ron in front of A.T. white blaze
7 Jul: Which trail do we take today (after nine incredible hours of refreshing sleep)?  The Kent Pond Trail it is!  The day is delicious; great weather, a cool breeze and low humidity made it awesome.  We stopped along the lakeside a couple of times to enjoy the water.  Ron was quite surprised that the trail appears very well maintained.  We made the entire distance to Thundering Falls again.
Tyler B. All America West

Grandnephew Tyler B. was named to the Little League All America West, playing in national playoffs late July. 

Sherburne Pass Trail Before Deluge
6 Jul:  We have another few days of hiking before Cynthia departs on July 10th via Cape Air for Boston to Houston for yet another 18th birthday party.  Then Ron will be without adult supervision for five whole days until she returns.  At his age, we doubt that he will get into much trouble.  We are extremely proud of ourselves for two days of industrious hiking.  We made it to the ski run for another six-mile day.  Ron rested there, hat overhead.  The view was lovely but obscured a bit by low clouds that forecast rain.  (As did the approaching thunder.) The trail was nice and dry until the rain came when we were about thirty minutes down the mountain.  Dinner tonight at Rosemary’s Restaurant was delicious!  
Hiker Ron Resting

Mountain View of Deer Leap (white spot)

Thundering Falls and Cynthia's Finger
5 Jul at the Inn at Long Trail, Killington, Vermont:  Cynthia and I arrived in Vermont yesterday and discovered immediately, to our dismay, that we no longer have legs accustomed to hiking.  Our legs get so tired so quickly on these hills !!  But today we persevered today up and downhill for nearly  16,000 steps according to Cynthia's FitBit - 6.34 miles.  We are tired puppies, but we ate well and plan to sleep early and long.  After all, tomorrow is another day.  We hadn't actually planned to get to Vermont this early, but the heat in Philadelphia last week convinced us to hustle up here without dallying around to enjoy sweaty sightseeing.

4 Jul:  Happy Independence Day!  Hurray, today we intend to get to the Inn at Long Trail, God willing.  That will be worth celebrating, too.  Then we can go hiking uphill.  Wynn:  Today's plan is the Taconic State Parkway N to R on NY 295 E to L on CR 5 N to R on NY 20 E to L on NY 22 N to R on NY 7 N into Vermont where it changes to VT 279 to L on US 7 N to R on US 4 E to Killington and the Inn at Long Trail (click here.)  Oh goodie, I just wrote a statement that I just love, "I'd rather live fully by eating healthy rather than live poorly by eating richly."  Warning: You will see this repeated often in the next year.  And now I've come up with a suitable alternative statement,
"You can choose to eat healthy to enjoy life fully or to eat richly to enjoy life poorly."  Well, the ride to Killington went without a hitch, except that it was a bit hot all day, 90+ degrees.  The few times we saw 86 or 84 degrees seemed downright cold.  The highways in New York were busy without long vistas, but Vermont corrected that with less traffic and nice mountains up close and personal all the way to the Inn.  Thank God.

3 Jul:  Another snoozy morning, but tomorrow we need to arise earlier, so tonight we need to get to bed earlier.  After Ron's huge breakfast of omelet and multiple bowls of oatmeal with pineapple afterward, we walked the 1.3 pleasant miles to the Post Office to mail one letter to Don C. and the key to the Archives back to Lisa.  On the return trip, Ron bought a loaf of sourdough bread for the salt,  (He was a bit dizzy this morning from low blood pressure.)  Then we decided to stop at Charlie Brown's for their salad bar, which surprised us by being one of the best we've seen.  Maybe that is why the Ruby Tuesday here closed.  This afternoon, we lazed about the room and computered.  Ron is considering the index for Volume 7 after finishing these trip descriptions, but it is now 8:39 after our evening walk.  At least I have finished documenting our routes for Wynn.  (I hope she can follow our routes although the ones on Jun 24 in the city will be a challenge.)

2 Jul:  YAY!  We slept for over eight hours! YAY!  This Hilton Garden Inn offers a pleasant stay for a couple of days.  After being lazy and computering all day, we walked around the neighborhood and then to Charlie Brown's for salmon and baked potatoes.  They did an excellent preparation of the potatoes, and Cynthia declared the salad good.

1 Jul:  Birthday Month.  Little SmoochSmooch turns 18 again this month, and she celebrates all month long.  Poor old Smooch is worn out by August.  We began the heralded birthday month by riding towards our Killington, VT destination to enjoy three nights of R and R at Fishkill, NY.  The ride was particularly cool and enjoyable going through the Poconos and the Delaware Water Gap (click here.)  We started north on Maryland 27 until turning L on MD 30, then R on MD 86 which turns into PA 516 at the state line.  We stayed on 516 too long, too close to York before heading over to I-83 N to bypass York, then US 30 E to the Ruby Tuesday past our turn, so after lunch we backtracked to go North on US 222 and missed getting onto I-78 early enough to pass by Bethel, so missed opportunity to see if Popeye was home.  (I forgot that Bethel is further west and that we need to pass close by Harrisburg to get there.)  It was great fun to see Kutztown up close on 222 and remember my Uncle Vint.  Eventually, we found PA 33 N and US 209 N to Shroudsburg  and through the Delaware Water Gap (so cool in the shade) and then I-84 E across the Hudson to Fishkill (click here) and our Hilton Garden Inn where we've enjoyed doing less for a couple of days, 284 miles total today.  The GPS threw me for a loop because it wanted me to return west across the Hudson - after reflection, I realize that I set a map waypoint on the bridge, and the GPS must have placed it in the westbound lane.

Monday, June 3, 2019

June Too Soon!!

30 Jun:  Today we woke up at our normal 8:30 to discover that Jim and Joni were up and eager for breakfast at the Mt. Airy Inn (cllick here.)  The Inn did a marvelous job on our egg white veggie omelets.  They are our new favorite Mt. Airy breakfast place.  Jim then preferred to go for an all-day ride instead of having help with projects on the farm.  And ride we did, all the way to Washington County (where my Sweeney/ McSweeney ancestors still await more serious research) and up to the Pen-Mar Park that both Cynthia and I remember from our AT hike in 2016.  Ron even remembered a store near the B & B we enjoyed overnight one night on our hike.  The garishly painted rock in the photos is High Rock, a local landmark (click here.)  The AT drops precipitously down a very rocky route from this vantage.  This was Joni's first ride of the season, so she was getting her skills refreshed by following Jim on his favorite twisty roads in their neighborhood.  Following Jim and Joni makes for a very pleasant and scenic ride.  We saw pretty view after pretty view of Maryland landscapes.  Only one road turned to dirt part way, but this was one wonderfully maintained dirt road.  Our thanks to those road grader operators.  Dinner was again at the Mt. Airy Inn and they fed us well in the evening too.
Smooch and SmoochSmooch at High Rock (near Pen-Mar Park)

Jim & Joni, thanks for leading us on a lovely motorcycle ride.

View from the edge of the rock

29 Jun:  Despite the bike being first in line, work did not begin until Ron was physically present to sign the contracts.  Bob said that this was the only time the owner has not been present with the bike on Saturday first-come first-served; since other riders were present and waiting, they were served first.  The hotel clerk was adamant that Ron was not to walk and arranged with another employee to give him a ride to the shop.  The bike didn’t get rolled in for service until after 1:30 PM.  The good news was the tire was fine. The nail hadn’t penetrated.  Ron returned to the hotel to pick up Cynthia at five PM, and we no sooner started than raindrops fell and we returned to the hotel to wait out another 10-minute shower before going to Jim and Joni's.  From their place in Mt. Airy, Jim drove us to the Ruby Tuesday in Westminster where we were able to eat salads to our hearts content.  Jim and Joni retire even earlier in the evening than we do !!

28 Jun:  Yup, today we roll out of Philadelphia.  Packing, cleaning and recycling was finally complete and we managed to be on the road by Noon-thirty.  It is hot!   Ron created a plan, and we almost stuck to it, except for one wrong turn.  We again took the back roads through Conshohocken and turned onto I-476 N.  We missed the turn onto I-76 west and had to turn around, Ron's only miscue of the day.  US 202 W & S to R on PA 826 W for a bit (W Street Road), then onto Creek Road, a lovely side road through Brandywine's provincial, pastoral estates (horsey farms).  Ron was surprised how near the end of that road was to I-95 south.  We found a Ruby Tuesday restaurant south of Wilmington on DE Highway 1 (in Bear, Delaware.)   After eating, we took DE 1 south,  until we accidentally turned west
 a little sooner than planned at Smyrna on Delaware 6 (instead of later on DE 8).  We crossed into Maryland, wandering through fertile agricultural farms and some corn fields boasting stalks well over six feet high.  Finally, we reached US 301 south.   The highlight was crossing the Delaware Bay Bridge; the view of the bay was breathtaking, but the dark, ominous clouds and vivid lightning display ahead really captured our attention.  Just after crossing the bay, the rain started, and Ron took the first exit and pulled into the BMW Annapolis auto dealer to wait out the storm.  The rain stopped in half an hour, and after another half hour, we arrived dry at our Marriott hotel off Maryland Highway 32.  Ron dropped off the bike at Bob’s BMW (click here) in preparation for tomorrow’s 48,000-mile service, and to replace a tire because ours has a nail poking out of the tread.  The walk back was a comfortable 1.7 miles on wide roads.

27 Jun:  Aaaaghh, Ron is finally realizing that we need to be riding the motorcycle tomorrow.  The tire is still holding air pressure, so that is less worrisome.  That nail convinced Ron to route us through Delaware to Bob's instead of through Baltimore.  The biggest concern with Baltimore is the harbor tunnel.  A flat tire on a motorcycle there would be very risky.  Unbeknownst to Ron, the Delaware Bay Bridge also has no break down lane.
Cynthia has beautified the entrance with a few flowers.

26 Jun:  Another day, another Smooch.  We leave Friday, and it is coming down to the wire about packing and recycling.  Still, we slept beautifully last night and woke up rested and happy.  Ron took photos again this morning in more consistent light (fewer shadows obscuring text.)  The walk to Fresh Market provided a sanity relief.  This morning and afternoon, the confirming of source citations came to a successful end, although there are still several sources left to find and several cryptic references to decrypt.  Cynthia has declared herself "finished" typing families into Family Tree Maker.  Ron is now running OCR on the photos while blogging before our evening walk.  Oops, OCR finished, time to start the backup and walk.

25 Jun:  Today even Ron is beginning to feel the need to pack.  We leave Friday, and there is still so much computer work to do.  And today Ron's MacBook was terribly slow at first, so Ron shut it down, rebooted, and watched with dismay as the striped screen showed up again and again.  Fooey, so Ron went home to do a few things while the computer restarted and restarted until it was warm enough to work again.  Thank God it is working fine again.  Kim showed up early to work and John showed up just in time to join us at McMenamin's to drink lunch.  After lunch, Ron went to the house to photograph the 77 documents that he would like to ship back to Texas.  Next step is to see if the results are readable; fair, but shadows obscure too many things.  Cynthia opted to not walk this evening; her feet hurt and she has a headache from all the typing and concentrating.

24 Jun:  Good grief, we started June just a couple of days ago.  Smooch?  This evening we enjoyed a delightful dinner at La Loconda in Newtown at Sally's suggestion.  We were joined by Herb & Zofia and by John.  The conversation was very amusing as Herb was quickly affected by the alcohol and quite bemused by his struggle to find and pronounce words.  Amusing to us all, especially since Herb's condition was not at all intoxicated, just slightly affected and very bemused.  Ron is so very proud that he selected a wonderfully traffic-free route for a Monday rush hour.  Here it is: Stenton Ave W to L on Hillcrest Ave S to R on Germantown Ave W to L on Church St to Harts Lane to R on Barron Hill Road to L on E Hector St to R on Walnut wiggle L & R & L to W on Fayette St crossing Schuylkill to R on Matsonford Rd to L on King of Prussia Road to R on Radnor-Chester Rd to R on Sinkler Dr to L on Iven St. into Church Road  into Brooke Rd to R on Derby-Paoli Rd to L on St. David's Rd to L onto PA 252 S to R on Goshen Rd 2.5 miles to L on Marlborough Rd to L on Providence to corner of West Chester Pike.  When we arrived at the restaurant, Ron noticed a very shiny slot 5/16" long lying in one of the grooves of the rear tire.  He examined more closely to discover a shiny nail filed down and polished by the roadway.  This is not a good discovery, but the tire was still inflated, so we rode home the way we came.

23 Jun: Sunday:  LTSP Lutheran.  (Google finds us with that.)  Good grief, we started June just a couple of days ago.  After worship, we wallyworlded, then we packed.  Almost.  In the evening, we rode to Scoogi's for dinner and so that Ron could air the tires up to 42 lbs as recommended.
Loren and Jon a few years ago

22 Jun:  Happy Birthday to our granddaughter Lauren.  Ron and Cynthia are again at the Archives working.  Ron got on the stick and made plans to take our motorcycle in for service at Bob's BMW in Jessup, Maryland early next Saturday.  (Saturdays there are first come, first served.)  It looks like we will pack to leave Friday, stay at a hotel overnight, and visit Jim & Joni Saturday and Sunday.  Goodie, goodie.

21 Jun:  Despite the fact that we have been awaking early, Cynthia is well rested and sleeping well.  Thank God.  Life is Good.  Another day indistinguishable from every other except that John had a visitor from Australia, so we got to listen to Austrailiaisms.  She was quite a delight and joined us at McMenamins, where she was surprised by the size of her hoagie.

20 Jun:  We are again awake early enough to spend lots of the day at the Archives.  Today Ron has Linda and her husband as company.  Damp sidewalks & roads dissuaded us from taking Cynthia to LabCorps early, but towards noon everything dried our and we rode the motorcycle 20 blocks to get her tests.  Wouldn't you know that it rained a few drops on us as we started.  We were disappointed at Fresh Market that the salad bar is still kaput.  It is now repaired, but the staff had not stocked the veggies yet and estimated an hour until the bar would be open.  So we walked across the street to the hotel and ate salads there.  Ron continues to work through the next pile of source citations.


     Cynthia was dismayed walking into a cloud of fruitflies hovering over the bananas in the kitchen.  She complained A LOT, "How do they get in the house?"
     Ron's empathetic reponses, "Fruitflies have a very short lifespan, like hours." and later, "Fruitflies come with the bananas from Mexico."
     Cynthia then inquired, "If their lifespan is so short, how did they survive the trip from Mexico to the kitchen?"
     Ron, "They reproduce!"  
     Cynthia, "You mean they have sex on the bananas?"  
     Ron delivered the punch line, "God said to be fruitful and multiply." 


19 Jun:  What happened to the 18th?  We forgot to blog.  Today we woke up waaaay too early, 6 AM, and were at the Archives too early, got lots done, and now it is time to go for our evening walk.  The forecast torrential rains never materialized.  No Kim, no John, so we walked to Fresh Market and enjoyed salads again, but with special service.  The refrigerated salad bar was busted, and the repair person (a woman!) had formerly been a manager, so she brought down the fixings from the refrigerator for us to select our meals.  What Service !!

18 Jun:  Over lunch at the Chestnut Hill Inn we enjoyed a marvelous conversation with Ron and Nancy.  Cynthia and Nancy discovered that they are artistic soulmates.  Ron and Ron find each other amusing, so it is a good match.  Ron (me) caught up on neglected e-mails today and was surprised to learn that two new packages had been requested last December.  Apparently that notification disappeared into the ether.

17 Jun:  Back at it at the Archives and Microsoft Word has just choked again and opened about 50 copies of previously saved backups, most of which are weeks or months old.  I really need to figure out how to clean out all those old backups before they choke me again.  MIT friend Joel also walked to Fresh Market to join us for lunch.   Much good humor & good conversation.  The solution to the Wor backups is to occasionally close Word.

16 Jun:  Tidings of Peace, York, PA.  Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers in our world.  It was wonderful to see our Trail friends again, Pappa Bear and the Preacher Boys.  Mary Lois was very surprised to see me.  Cynthia had apparently passed by her without notice and was already talking with Clayton further inside the church.  Our surprise was to see Kevin and Naomi instead of Trevor and Austin.  Clayton delivered a marvelous sermon about being blessed with cancer; we should thank God for everything, even if it isn't what we might choose for ourselves.

15 Jun:  LTSP needs another word to encourage Google to find our location.  9:30 AM into Archives on a Saturday.  Thank you, Michael, for opening the door for us.  Now I get to spend one more day on James Lea, after checking e-mails and figuring out the route to York for this evening.  I did already plant the compost and was rewarded to see that compost from a month ago is already becoming soil.  Our 6:00 PM ride to York, PA was crazy when we accidentally turned East instead of West.  That mislabeled entrance onto I-76 south at Conshohocken has bitten us before; it takes suckers south for 7 miles before there is an exit.  Once we retraced our steps and were oriented westbound the Philadelphia cityscape soon disappeared. Approaching Lancaster, PA, the setting sunlight cast marvelous shades of rich green, gold and yellow like a tapestry on fields and hillsides.  My heart smiled to see the iconic Amish farms.  So, too, to see and hear an Amish buggy clopping along, plus an Amish wagon filled with a group of young cap-clad girls, giggling loud enough to be heard.   A restroom stop provided amusement as two very young Amish boys and their dad, all three wearing identically perfect straw hats, opened their eyes wide in astonishment to see Cynthia in helmet.  The youngest boy was so frightened that he backed back into the restroom to hide behind his dad.  We were in Amish country.  Continuing afterwards, strong smells filled the air as we rode close to a cattle yard.  Cynthia was unimaginably delighted to be in a clean hotel room with a king sized bed. 

14 Jun:  This morning we awoke early and were at the Archives before my pill alarm rang at 9 AM (ain't retirement wonderful?)  I've asked my sistah if she will be my emergency contact for my passport application and started truncating a package for Sandra, but now I wanna work on James Lea until noon.  Time flies - seems like only yesterday that we were creating a new blog post for June, and it is already half gone.  Cynthia's birthday month approaches posthaste.  John P. showed up today and joined us for lunch at Fresh Market.  He really enjoyed the salad and soup, so he might join us there again in the coming weeks (two) that we are all still here. And YAY for the beautiful weather enticing us to walk the Wishahickon trail in the woods.  

13 Jun:  We hit the Archives running late after sleeping until 8:30.  Sally B and Kim-Eric joined us for lunch at McMenamins.  The hummus is delicious, although Ron always prefers a 22-oz Hefeweizen or two.  Afterward, he walked to the house twice, once for oatmeal and once for pineapple and mango.  Our evening walk was prevented by a horrendous rainstorm with flash flood warnings.  Two weeks to go until our ride to hike the summer in Killington, Vermont, so we need to start thinking about cooking beans and lentils and using up other supplies.  Ron needs to get his recycling and composting acts together soon - - - but first, genealogy calls.

12 Jun:  Cynthia is disappointed with her attempt to discover the four James Lea signatures.  The NC Archives sent her a 1771 petition and proposal to partition Orange County, NC and establish a new county named Warrick upon which is written"Rejected."  Lots of signatures, but only one James Lea (probably her ancestor.)  She had asked for the petition to create Caswell.  Eureka !!  Larry showed up and asked to go to lunch; Ron is now eating pretzels to absorb alcohol.  This evening 7ish we had dinner plans at Jansen’s with Ron’s MIT alum, Eric, but were very disappointed that Eric was under the weather after a week-long round of doctors visits, so he opted for a nap instead of dinner.  We wish him well.  Dinner at Jansen was fabulous, as always.  (We wonder what those very tasty, little green veggies were.)

11 Jun:  Lunch at McMenamins with Kim and John.  Ron forgot to blog whilst inebriated, but this is soon after sobering.  Ron is tooooo funny!!!!

10 Jun:  Already !!  We have a dinner date tonight and rain is forecast, so I am leaving ASAP to attempt to get there before the rain starts.  Wish me luck.  We were out of luck to ride the motorcycle to Scoogi's because of the rain she fell.  Pastor Dave and Susan gave us a ride to avoid the rain and enjoy a lovely dinner with delightful company.  Susan is beautiful and a fine, fun conversationalist.
Bagpipes in an enclosed space are LOUD !!
9 June:  Worship in the 9:30 AM at Christ Ascension in historic Chestnut Hill, PA. We thoroughly enjoy the "old school" walk to church.  Ron clips branches while Cynthia boogies on ahead.  Somehow, he manages to catch her before she arrives at the door.  That evening we made quite an entrance pulling up to the William Penn Inn in dress clothes on the motorcycle!  Too bad someone didn't get a photo.  Pastor Frank Watson's musical rendition of Auld Lang Syne on bagpipes hit all of the right notes for a retirement farewell tribute to our friend, Dr. John Peterson.  John is retired after forty years as the archivist and curator for the Lutheran Archives in Philadelphia.  Under his watch and guidance, this Archives became a model for ELCA Archives.  We enjoyed the camaraderie sharing Norwegian and Swedish jokes.   Blessings and your forward go, John Peterson.

8 Jun:  LTSP in the AM.  John & Jim working today, so the outlook for drinking lunch is great.  Cynthia voice a preference to walk to salads, so Ron might enjoy TWO lunches today.  Nope, Cynthia chose to join us at McMenamin's, but I did get to drink two (2) 22-oz hefeweizens.  Now I've been over to the house to eat a bit more salad and leftover potato to help with the sobriety and am ready to resume working on James Lea - - after another DNA search for Pat.

7 Jun: Somehow we jumped from Tuesday (yesterday) to Friday (today).  And that's a good thing.  Everyone loves Fridays.  The twos of us completed recent projects, and now Ron is back hardly working on James Lea (Cynthia's book).  Cynthia, OTOH,  finished creating a database with a trillion kazillion names from the Forefather Profiles.  We enjoyed lunch at McMenamin's with John T.  (Oops, Ron forgot to blog whilst inebriated.)  It is almost seven PM and time to leave the Archives for our evening walk on the recently discovered Wissahickon trail.  It was cool in the shade of the "forest."

6 Jun: LTSP.  And here we are, Tuesday.  Ron has finished his receipts, and no one else has shown up, so it looks like Cynthia and I will be walking to Fresh Market for lunch again.  Ron wrote card #4 today, so only a card to Trevor left before mailing Shank cards off.  (Note: the editor in the wings reminding Ron it is Thursday)  We started towards salads, and the skies opened up and the rain poured.  Ron opted to pause under the dense trees needing clipping and clipped.  Cynthia's raincoat covers her to the knees, so she was OK.  Evening walk around campus was deliciously fragrent, and the walk in the woods was again delightful.

5 Jun:  LTSP.  Today again.  Apparently, Kim-Eric isn't showing up today, so in half an hour we will brave the forecast heat to walk to Fresh Market.  Ron has finished finding sources for the Clements package and is taking a break before deciding what to do next.  The heat walking to and from Fresh Market wasn't so bad.  Ron has been losing weight (now below 172), so he needs to eat more.  Isn't that a lovely predicament?  I think we will take our evening stroll in the woods again today.  See you tomorrow.

4 Jun:  LTSP.  Today again, a second cool day.  Apparently, it is not a Doll meeting day, so we will walk to Fresh Market at 1 PM to feed us.  Hurrah, John has shown up and is willing to walk to McMenamins.  Ron's alcoholism is resuscitated.  Two beers a week constitutes alcoholism, right?  Smooch, Smooch, I love you.  And a fine time was had by all the survivors.  Despite the background noise and Ron's alcoholic fog, a good communication was enjoyed.  In the evening we enjoyed a nice walk in the woods nearby - quite the surprise to find such a place so close to LTSP.

Da Beauties as photographed by Brita A.

3 Jun:  Back at it in the Archives.  Ron was shocked this morning upon approaching the main door into the Brossman Center to see the reflection of all those pink roses in the windows.  It was pretty incredibly wonderful, and he had to turnabout to fully appreciate the splendor.  Fortunately Fresh Market repaired the salad bar, so we enjoyed the usual walk in reasonably cool weather, and in the evening we enjoyed a nice walk about the neighborhood, which always amazes us because some other bush or flowers have gained ascendency in the splendor parade.  We've had winter, summer, winter, summer, winter, summer, winter, summer and now finally we get a couple of days of spring.  Oops, this line lines up this picture.

Ron between Jean and Susan (before thunder & sprinkle)
2 Jun, Sunday:  Another early service at Christ Ascension, but we were greatly disappointed to find the salad bar at Fresh Market closed due to electrical problems.  Being resourceful we decided to ride to Dreshertown to the Fresh Market which is a stone's throw from WallyWorld.  Imagine our disappointment that that Fresh Market does not even have a salad bar.  We bought our groceries and came home to eat oatmeal.  Ron decided to sit in the glorious weather outside while working on another computer project.  However, after an hour or so, huge thunder approached and a few raindrops sent Ron scampering inside.  That prompted him to resume his window washing assignment, but he was only half done when it became time to dress for dinner.  In the evening MIT buddy Joel and wife Susan fed us a wonderfully delicious Pritikin perfect meal, and Jean brought Pritikin perfect hors d' ouevres.  We love it when our friends take out diet seriously, but we feel guilty for putting them to the extra effort to cook with such horrible (to them) restrictions.  On the other hand, we are hoping to live 15 years longer, and our life is wonderfully enjoyable, thank God.

Ron and Cynthia and Dean
Dedication following the ribbon cutting

1 Jun:  LTSP in Mt Airy - you can Google LTSP, there is only one.  Smooch andSmoochSmooch are back at it in the Archives.  Later today we ride to Wilmington to Gov. Printz Park for a ribbon cutting for the new Farmstead.  We were approaching Wilmington when Cynthia said ??????????????????????????? Gov. Printz Park is in Essington.  The GPS figured out how to get there from there, so we arrived an hour late, but still early for the ribbon cutting dedicating the new Farmstead.  Cynthia and Ron enjoyed seeing our Swedish Colonial friends and walking about the park (which is very nice, thanks to airport improvement shush money.)  As an added bonus, we met our new Rambo (maybe) cousins Dean and Karen.  Dean has embarked on DNA to see if he can establish a relationship to Drury Rambo who was born in 1824.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Means Ron’s Birthday

31 May:  Mayday, Mayday!  We are running out of May days!  But, after all, tomorrow IS another month.  After breakfast, Cynthia hoofed it to Chestnut Hill Jewelers to make a deal.  She sold her pair of unmatched two gold earrings for $75.00 and bought a very inexpensive pair of earrings to replace the ones she lost.  (Silly Ron preferred the unmatched pair.)  The Smooches ate lunch at McMenamins before walking into Chestnut Hill for Ron to take a passport photo, but CVS didn't offer the striped shirt and number that he requested.  Then on to the Post Office to mail cards and return.  Cynthia is rich in steps today - - - really steppin' out.  Ron is eating frozen pineapple and mango to keep his strength up this afternoon.  Receipts tell Ron that other people joined us for dinner at Scoogi's, my guess is John and Jim.

30 May:  The rain yesterday means that Cynthia doesn't need to water her plants this morning.  We were a bit warm throughout the night, but slept well and woke up too early.  Ron is already feeling sluggish with a full stomach after breakfast.  He might have to return to the house for additional pineapple and mango sugar to perk up his personality.  First, however, there is an e-mail to send and a letter full of postcards to address.  All Done and Ron is feeling much more energetic - so much so that he prepared a forWeb version of another package.

29 May:  Another tomorrow, but we will have to await tomorrow for another day.  Eureka !!  Receipts tell Ron that we went to McMenamin's for lunch with Kim and ? today.  (Ron really needs to blog lunches while still incoherent.)  Ron has completed the Cock package that has consumed all his time for the last six weeks (823 pages.)  Only 8 more packages for the Swedish Colonial Society left to complete.  Then there is the James Lea document for Cynthia before he can resume working on the Rambo Family Tree.  There are just too many fun things to do.  Cynthia is discovering that the Forefathers Profiles require much more data entry and attention than she imagined.  Isn't it nice that we can stay our of mischief so easily?  It will be quite a respite to enjoy a hiking vacation in Vermont for the rest of the summer, and we are discussing a return to the Pritikin in September (for the cheaper rates, dontcha know.)  The rain this afternoon was intense and a tornado touched down in Berks County (nearby).  Fortunately it had stopped by 7:20 when we walked home for dinner oatmeals.  Little Miss Smoochie had spirited the flowers up to the bed and sat awaiting Cynthia with the "Let Me Count the Ways I Love You" card in hand.

28 May:  Only three more shopping days left until June Day.  Oh my gosh, I forgot to celebrate May Day.  (Editorial comment from the pulpit: Isn't Ron hilariously funny?  The tree depicted on 24 May is a Korean Dogwood, according to Nancy Drew who does DNA.)  Up early, well rested, and back to working on the new components of the package, tossing out superfluities and redacting others.  Fortunately John was here today at lunchtime, so we were enabled to walk to McMenamin's so that Ron could drink lunch - and behold, he is finally sober enough to type legibly.  Getting close to completion, but heavy thunderstorms are also forecast, and it is now 7 PM, quitting time.  Somehow the heavy thunderstorms never materialized although Pastor David said that it rained heavily during the night.

27 May:  We rested well last night and woke up refreshed and cheerful.  (Thank God we both usually wake up cheerfully.)  Ron spent ten minutes meditating about how peaceful and beautiful the campus is on a holiday before asking Michael let us into the Archives.  Ron is now back to work.  Thank goodness for time to recover after a "day of rest," spent washing windows.  Now he is editing the "final" component of the Cox package and listening to "oldies" on his headphones.  Oops, more components showed up.  Nephew Eric's RPM Coins web page (click here) is reported to have problems (easily fixed by da Geek squadette.)  Communication with cousin Angi continues to be entertaining, and she is typing tons of Dehaven information.  (We need a name, Angi, for Dorothy Bertine's Dehaven book so that I can get the word out via this blog.)  The daily walk to and from Fresh Market for salad lunch was refreshing, although Ron (clippers in hand) never caught up to Cynthia after returning to change shirts and retrieve his hat.  This evening's walk was glorious; the flowers are smelling amazingly fragrant throughout the campus.  (So we walked in circles for nearly an hour this evening.)

26 May, Sunday:  Tomorrow, rapidly approaching (just like yesterday).
Ron is funny!  RON is Funny! RON IS FUNNY!  (Editorial comment from someone other than Ron.)  We churched in the morning and enjoyed the pulpit supply minister wonderfully well.  Fresh Market lettuce lunch next, followed by a quick trip to Walmart (where Ron forgot to buy fat-free, salt-free pretzels.)  Then Ron washed windows until the rain diverted his attention to the Family Tree Maker file that Cynthia improved.  After cessation of rain, window washing resumed until after dark.  Monday morning light reveals that the windows are still streaky but much, much improved.  Two more dining room windows will be Ron's focus next Sunday.  Washing windows is a lot more work when they've accumulated crud for at least ten years and all of the sliding parts are corroded or sticky.
Impatiens.  Up close and personal.

25 May:  Tomorrow, rapidly approaching yesterday, collided with today, today. 
Ron is funny!  
Today Michael had to unlock the Brossman Center for us to be the only other souls on campus.  Ron will be compelled to invent things to say to make the text extend for the entire length of the picture beside it - - - and we made progress in that dimension.

24 May:  Nina F. from Santa Fe, NM, wrote this marvelous poem for our marriage in May 2011:  

Unto her –
This tree has marvelously snow white, squarish blossoms.
(Google doesn't find good pictures, but Cynthia says it is a dogwood.)

his eyes –
If water
was a flame –
lift and chase
the sparkle
in her veins –
Not a rock
is he –
Or a stone –
But a canyon
with a thousand
depths –
The red core’s
heart –
The lips
that taste
the marrow
in her bones.

These lilac colored flowers have a sweet fragrance.
and Cynthia blogged before I looked at my computer this morning.  Another lovely Philadelphia Friday morning, and we are at the Archives working early.  Fortunately, John showed up and we were able to "drink lunch" late at McMenamin's.  Ron has returned to sobriety and is wrapping up the Catherine Cox package at long last, perhaps tomorrow.  After a few hints for a few days, Cynthia posted photos of her new flowers and the beautiful dogwood tree recently blossoming snow white.  

Cynthia's new planted row of impatiens.
23 May:  Yes, we are still in Philadelphia at the Lutheran Seminary in Mt. Airy, still enjoying accommodation on-campus with Pastor David.  And Ron is again in the basement working on the Catherine Cox package for John Tepe.  Typical walk to Fresh Market for lunch and an additional walk at 7 PM to sniff the flowers and round out the mandatory 10,000 steps.  Ron intended to get to bed early, but it was again 10:30 by the time he hit the sack.

22 May:  Ron is again in the basement working on the Catherine Cox package, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kim-Eric and an excuse to "drink lunch" at McMenamin's.  Cynthia is again slaving away in the Lull Lounge, adding source citations to every iota of information from The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware.  Hefeweizen for lunch was delicious; Kim and Prof. Larry also joined us today.  By 5 PM Ron had sobered enough to resume work.  Ron was delighted to see Eric there again (Eric was the hard-working busboy at McMenamin's from 2011-2015.)  7:20 we went for a lovely walk around the neighborhood after which Cynthia watered her flowers, we ate a couple bags of popcorn and suddenly it was bedtime again.  We enjoyed wonderful sleep and woke up refreshed.

21 May:  Today was chilly again this morning.  Will the weather ever make up its mind?  Err, forget that the weather has no mind.  Mid-day the weather was perfect, warm enough with a cool breeze.  The new scale declared Ron to weigh a mere 171 lbs - too little, so he needs to start eating more, poor boy.  Today we again ate leftover salads for lunch, but we have finished them now.  Ron is enjoying the frozen pineapple and mango that Walmart sells - his ice cream substitute.  The leftover salads removed the incentive to walk to Fresh Market for lunch.  In the evening we invited John and Jim to Scoogi's for dinner.  Afterward, we agreed that Scoogi's is still our favorite restaurant hereabouts (click here), in large part because it is quiet and relaxed.  The good food doesn't hurt, and Jim & John thoroughly enjoyed their desserts.  So we are under-walked today.

20 May:  Another day at the Archives.  Ron bailed out of the house early, when Cynthia began cleaning up a storm.  Blogging done, back to the Cock package.  The new flowers that Cynthia planted beside the entry sidewalk are looking quite bright and cheerful today.  Cynthia declared it too hot to walk to Fresh Market mid-day, so we ate leftover salads for lunch and walked to the Trolley Car Diner for dinner of an egg white omelet.

19 May, Sunday:  What a change, straight from winter into the heat of mid-summer in two days.  We enjoyed our walk to church in the morning and Ron exulted in the trimmed trees along the way.  Immediately after eating lunch salads at Fresh Market, we rode the motorcycle to Walmart where Ron bought a new bathroom scale.  The good news is that he weighs only 172.8 Monday morning.  (Don't ask Cynthia about the bad news - Ron is in enough trouble already.)

18 May:  Cynthia is still coughing and drowsy after using nighttime cough medicine last night - - and here it is noontime, time to walk to Fresh Market, but we have too much salad in the refrig, so we will buy bananas and blueberries instead of fresh salad.

Thanks to Britt A. for the photos taken at the Council meeting on 16 May (moved to that date below): another photo is the twos of us, the Rector blessing our marriage, and the news article published in the Swedish Colonial News in 2011. 

Happily Forever After
17 May:  Settendemai, (17 May) the Norwegian Fourth of July!  Ron was delighted to skip out for lunch with John P. at noon, but drank a light lunch since evening celebrations were on the schedule.  After a long day's work in the Archives, we Swedes (plus Norske) had a marvelous dinner party at Jansen (click here) to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and Ron's birthday (Da Annibursary.)  Friends Jim and Joni drove from Maryland, John and Emily came from Delaware, Herb and Zofia came from New Jersey,  Mark brought Sally from Berwyn, Ed and Wu Jen live closer?, John P. came from up north in Philly, and Kim-Eric and Ruth drove from Exeter, PA.  Ron and Cynthia were given a couple of greeting cards (one hand-made by Sally's computer printer and the other signed by everyone present) and a lovely flower basket (thanks Wu Jen.)  It was a lovely dinner!!!!  We are thankful to our friends for celebrating with us!!!!  

   16 May: Ron continues working on the Peter Larsson Cock package, and occasionally decrypts another cryptic source citation.
Cynthia has entered reports from Peter Craig concerning the colonial Schaggen, Stille and Yocum's lineages into Family Tree Maker.  The rain has made many local flowers breathtaking.  Bev W. gave us a ride to the Swedish Colonial Society councilors meeting at Gloria Dei "Old Swedes" Church near Penn's Landing.  Ron and Cynthia were the Fika (lunch) hosts.  This catered, Pritikin-perfect lunch was so tasty and appealing that Cynthia received effusive thanks.  Better yet, the Rector of Gloria Dei blessed our marriage which was officiated by her predecessor at Gloria Dei eight wonderful years ago. 
The Rector of Gloria Dei blessed our marriage.
After all normal business reports were given, we delivered brief reports about our activities  Everyone was so pleased that we eventually stopped talking that we received a round of applause.  The 3 PM ride back to the Archives took more than two hours, thanks to big city rush hour, a bit stressful for Bev.  Thanks Bev.

15 May:  The disadvantage of blogging three days later is that we have forgotten if there was any notable news other than noting that the rain has ceased and the sun is shining.  Cynthia mulched the flower beds before coming to the Archives.  The afternoon was spent at the Augustana meeting with Sally in a nice nook inside the Krauth Library.  The library is unique; the art glass floors came from Harvard's library in the mid-twenties.  Archivist Lisa also come to the meeting along with (?) the librarian(?).

New Sweden's "Royal Couple," pictured on 12 May 2011.
14 May:  Another day just like the other day!  The rain has been horrific for three days.  But, thank God for the rain; the flowers blossom and bloom!  While going through receipts a month later, Ron discovered that we went to McMenamins with Kim and John today.  (Kim drinks one Victory  and John orders iced tea.)  Apparently drinking lunch is incompatible with blogging.

13 May:  Another day in the archives from dawn to dusk!  And after a week not blogging, no other memories.  It could be that this was the day we ventured out to walk to Fresh Market despite morning rain - which seemingly had ended, but resumed as soon as we started walking.  Since the color radar had indicated cessation, we kept walking and got soaked.  Cynthia began to wonder if wet feet and that soaking might be giving her a cold.

12 May, Sunday:  Hooray, hooray for the 12th of May, its Ron's annibirsary!  We celebrated the big birthday and our anniversary by driving to worship (in the rain), walking (in the rain) to Fresh Market, and working on our computers (while it rained outside).  Our friend Jane B. from Kensett, Iowa wished us a happy trifecta for celebrating anniversary, birthday and Mother's Day!  Thank you, Jane!
May 12 2011-- A toast to living happily ever after! 

Rose Miller Vold and Cynthia (note hairdo, another girl day)
11 May:  Up early, we raced off to Wally World to buy groceries, exchange clippers, and get petro.  That speedy start seemed well advised to avoid the rains forecast for later in the day - which rains never arrived.  The day continued one race after another.  Cynthia prepared sweet corn and baked sweet potatoes, which we shared with Pastor David for dinner.  Isn't she sweet?   Children and grandchildren sent her skin cream that has worked so marvelously that she doesn't look a day older than this photo at age one with her mother.

10 May: Cynthia had a girl day, a pedi, mani and girlicure day, plus a haircut, too.  Joel, Susan, and Jean C. joined us for dinner at Jansen's to celebrate Ron's birthday and our anniversary a couple days early.  Everyone enjoyed pleasant conversation, great food, and great company.

9 May:  We missed blogging a day; maybe we missed out on this whole day?

8 May:  another smooch day, and another day at the Archives.  Ron continues to make incremental progress with the Catherine Cock package.  In heavy rain last night Ron noticed that a downspout is overflowing, not draining.  Cynthia seemingly hasn't regained her energy since mulching a couple of days ago.  Ron took Cynthia to dinner at Jansen, a date night to celebrate our big upcoming anniversary #8!  

7 May:  Smooch.  And so begins another day at the Archives.  Today we didn't walk to Fresh Market but instead ate leftover salads at home.  We did walk to the garden store where Cynthia bought some plantings.  Nice day and warm in the sunshine.  In the evening we treated Pastor David to dinner at the Trolley Car Diner.  Ron has refused to order there since getting indifferent responses from server and cashier the last time he ordered no oil and received an omelet floating in oil.  The "trail maintenance" clipping trees along the sidewalk is progressing nicely although that added activity delays Ron's arrival where ever we walk.

6 May, Monday!  The (female) Tasmanian devil worked hard cleaning, doing laundry, and put out two bags of mulch before ten AM!  Apparently she exhausted herself.  Ron solved several cryptic source citation questions, worked on two family group sheet packages.  We spent another very long day in the Archives, walked to Fresh Market for lunch, got in our ten thousand steps by three thirty.  Ron carries clippers to trim low hanging branches while we walk, so he arrives at Fresh Market somewhat later than Cynthia.  The evening walk was indeed pleasant and fragrant. The lilacs and Lily of the Valley fleurs are marvelous.  The day never quite warmed up enough but was much better than the last few.

5 May, Sunday, Cinco de Mayo:  What does this mean?  FB posted a meme with a jar of Mayo in a stainless steel sink.  So look up Cinco de Mayo, it means more than tacos.  The BBC reported global Christian genocide; Lord have mercy.  It is raining in Philly and so we rode to church with Pr. David, treated him to lunch at Fresh Market, and rode home with him also.  23 people were in worship, but despite the small crowd, we sang loud.  Ron is proud of himself for donning his rain gear and washing the motorcycle in the rain.  It came pretty clean quickly.  The remainder of the day was spent on computer work.  Unfortunately, Reunion GEDCOMs and Family Tree Maker GEDCOMs are not perfectly compatible.  Several glitches will require Ron to massage the GEDCOM text files to effect a seamless transfer.  These will be most easily done with XYWrite, although Ron may decide to attempt the changes with Unix utilities that are available on the Mac.  The day stayed cool, and Cynthia became cold.  Ron still puzzles that her metabolism is so different from his.

May the 4th be with you!  (Lutherans response, “And also with you!”)

3 May:  Another repetition of Archives, Fresh Market, evening walk, and sleep.  However, winter returned for another visit.

Another photo from Longwood Gardens last Monday

2 May:  Another normal day at the Archives, with a break for lunch at Fresh Market.  Nice warm 80-degree warmth.

1 May 2019, 12 days to Ron’s big birthday!  YAY!  Celebrate his day by sending an email to rsbeatty@gmail.com.  Ron already started celebrating by drinking lunch with Kim at McMenamins.  (Why big birthday ??)