Monday, November 7, 2011


29 Nov: The schedule is to meet Kim and John at the Archives at 11pm, work for a bit, then grab lunch and a brew at McMenamis before finishing edits to the Colonial Records volume 6 in the afternoon.

28 Nov: We've enjoyed a lazy Monday back at the Hilton Garden Inn at Fort Washington, PA, a Philadelphia suburb.  We did walk a mile or two after dinner, and it was exceedingly amusing to hear Cynthia say that I, Ron, didn't know how good it feels to be able to walk without pain.

27 Nov, Sun:  It was a challenge for us to get to the church on time, but witnessing the Baptism of John Stockton Rambo at Trinity Old Swedes Church in Swedesboro, NJ was a delightful experience. Cynthia participated in the service and read the Gospel. The six month old was ever watchful and quiet despite having water poured on his head. The reception luncheon at the Riverwinds Restaurant was attended by lots of folks we know from the Swedish Colonial Society. Cynthia had the best seat in the house next to baby John; she thoroughly enjoyed holding him several times.

26 Nov:  Photo above:  Amazing sighting of the Beattys crossing the Delaware!  ON FOOT!  After checking out of the Thomas Bond house, we hiked across the Ben Franklin bridge from downtown Philadelphia to Camden, NJ and returned to dine at the Moshulu.  The views from the bridge were very nice, weather was sunny and warm without unsettling breeziness, and we probably walked nearly five miles altogether.  No one painted OUR portrait but we do have a picture to prove it!  We relocated to a Holiday Inn in Swedesboro, NJ and were treated to the wonderful excitement of a fire alarm !  No mere drill, the lobby was filled with smoke after an exhaust fan in the lady's powder room overheated.

25 Nov:  Ron helped to trim the Christmas tree at the Thomas Bond B and B.  We took the city bus to the Museum of Fine Arts in the afternoon and returned in time for a lovely dinner at Poisatano's Seafood Restaurant. 

24 Nov:  Happy Thanksgiving!  We give thanks for each other and for our friends and family.  What a feast Sally and Nagle provided! The food was fabulous, the hosts were over and above gracious right down to the beautiful calligraphy place cards.  The family was delightful; oh, what fun we had with the M and M twins age seven.  Their mother is quite the story-teller.  OH, what fun!!!

23 Nov: Our stay at the centuries-old Thomas Bond House in downtown Philly is filled with ambiance even though the room was crowded and too warm.  We thoroughly enjoyed breakfast with a social worker who is the epitome of friendly in this city of friendship!  Our hosts however were only able to feed us grapefruit for breakfast despite being forewarned of our diet when our reservations were placed and frequently thereafter.  Here is a view of a colorful tree our bedroom window.

18 Nov: Overnight low was 31 degrees, so Cynthia's diet coke was too cold for her to drink.  We slept well and got to the Lexus dealership early for mom's 50,000 mile beauty & maintenance appointment.  We sneaked off to the Archives in a loaner car whilst mom was kept busy being pampered.

17 Nov: We enjoyed another day of riveting excitement examining Bankston and Lea documents from Caswell and Orange Counties at the State Archives and found lots of goodies.  Earlier we indulged in a pint fat free sorbet despite the frigid temperature of 46 degrees after a night at a Holiday Inn Express since we failed to plan ahead for extra nights at the HGI.  It was way out in the boondocks; they, too, were sold out tonight and through the weekend but amazingly we were able to book the HGI where we have been staying for additional nights through to Sunday morning.

13 Nov, Sun:  Raleigh, NC.  Lazy, lovely morning. Foodified, we phoned folks, worked on E-mail and mailing lists for the marvelous wedding DVD.     Moving along to fitnessification: Cynthia hit the treadmill for fifty minutes; Ron walked to Wal-Mart (2 miles RT) and returned with a dozen red roses, two loaves of Artisan fat free bread and some diet coke (that most vital fluid) delighting the bride.

12 Nov, Sat:  Celebrating our big six month wedding anniversary today, he said, "I love you" first,  and she said, "Happy Anniversary" first!  We both win points.  Back to Yanceyville Library, we hoped to find someone to let us into the Museum for our computers we left yesterday.  JUST as we were ready to leave town, the Museum director answered her phone with a cheery voice to let us know she would be delighted to open the museum. They deserve a nice donation and indeed received one.  Onward to Hillsborough - site of the Battle of Alamance; the  library was open until five; it was dark by the time we wound through traffic to the HGI four miles from the State Archives.  Fixated on food, we thought to save time by eating at the hotel restaurant ... but it was closed for a private function.  We had to "make-do" with the noisy sports bar, but the Mahi-Mahi was fine.

11 November, Fri:  The vertical files in the Historical Museum have good Lea records.  We enjoyed visiting with the volunteers so much we forgot our computers in the museum.  OUCH.

10 November, Thurs: Arrived in Yanceyville, NC at two thirty to learn that the courthouse and library will be closed tomorrow on Veterans Day.  Blessings to the volunteer who is going to have the Historical Museum open for half a day tomorrow.  Two free nights stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Burlington, NC

7 November, Tues:
Fall foliage is fading but lovely driving over the river and to the woods to Walter's house.   Pam prepared a heart healthy  - not to mention marvelously delicious meal - we enjoyed tremendously -  amidst lively dinner conversation about the benefits of motorcycle travel without a motorhome.  Walt's fine wine was a continued enjoyment watching an old video "A Happy Christmas" filmed in Cleveland (although it says it was filmed in Indiana) in the seventies about a 1940's boy named Ralphie who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.  Walt and Pam watch it several times pre Christmas since it was filmed in Cleveland and now has become a museum in an historic district leaving the streets and homes a fond remembrance of times past.  Thank you Pam and Walt!  Your home is a mansion, the twenty acres of woods marvelous and the friendship magnificent!   We gifted Walt and Pam with the "Yes Dear" sign given to us by Nagle and Sally.

Cynthia finished reading The Steve Jobs Story on her iPad; fascinating man - creative genius - and sometimes not such a nice guy.

The drive through Ohio was also delightful enough to want to return for a couple of months. We saw some lovely colors closer to Walters but the richness of the autumn colors is compelling.  Cynthia continues to struggle with poison oak... but is much improved on all other counts.

We arrived in West Virginia  about eight PM - 15 miles to VA hunkered down at a Hampton Inn for the evening. 

6 November, Mon: Fort Wayne, Indiana,  Allen County Public Library: how fun to see a Lincoln genealogy chart on display showing the Todd and Rambo marriage.  Goody Goody - a whole day of research where even the librarian remembers the last visit; he said, "It was four and one half years ago."  Despite rain drops, the short walk through a renovated downtown to the Irish pub for lunch was enjoyable. We tasted... yes... only tasted... Irish soda bread and stew; but neither compared to the Inn at Long Trail.

5 November, Sat: Chicago: Steve and Molly's marvelous wedding ceremony was held at a magnificent Basilica with the reception at the Misericorida Basilica:

 4 November, Friday: A very brief timeline using photos from Sister Carol's farm, the too-much-over-filled storage unit and leaving more stuffs from the too full car, plus a gorgeous sunset en route to Chicago for Steve and Molly's wedding: