Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Hikers

17 Aug;  Tomorrow at the Inn at Long Trail in Vermont - but "they" moved the trail, so the inn is no longer right on the trail, a monumental disservice to hikers.

Thundering Falls sure looks good in this photo
16 Aug:  Today we enjoyed 68 glorious degrees with a nice breeze, and we were pumped for a long hike.  Cynthia switched to her old Salomon hiking shoes for greater foot stability and comfort.  Before hiking, we set oranges in a basket beside the trail for hikers and walked across the boardwalk to Thundering Falls, rejoicing in creation's abundance, marveling at the blooms bursting forth in gratitude for last night's rain.  We again enjoyed the camaraderie of a couple of AT hikers.  As we rode on Vermont highway 4 toward Gifford Woods State Park, we slowed to allow momma bear and her two cubs to walk across the road just 100 yards in front of us !!  Oh joy !!  Cynthia was chock full of inner energy from the flowers, so we hiked straight away from Gifford Woods to Thundering Falls and return.  The inner energy deserted us when we started the long uphill from Thundering Falls, and we trudged up hill wondering why our bodies weren't more energetic after all this hiking.  The twos of us thought simultaneously, "Will you carry me?"  Ron, the trail maintenance man, moved rocks and clipped brush.  Back at the Inn he clipped his hair before resuming work on the jigsaw.  The puzzle is now half done.   5.5 hours

15 Aug:  Another terrific day, but our bodies weren't bursting with energy as we hiked up to the ski run.  WooHoo for us; we tackled 4.5 miles in 4 hours.  On a flat road we could have traveled 8 miles in that time.  Of course, the hiker with the hoe stops for trail maintenance.  Ron went to the market in Rutland for supplies.  Aaauuuggghhh!  Cynthia had painful feet keeping her from sleep until the wee hours. The Altra hiking shoes have a terrific fit but they really lack shock absorption.  4 hours

14 Aug:  70 degrees; a gorgeous, sunny day.  We spent 3.4 of the day Determined.  Ron is determined to beat the puzzle to a paper pulp.  Cynthia is working on Ancestry trees. Over 50% of the trees on Ancestry are WRONG!!!  Never trust Ancestry trees.  The Ancestry DNA circles match the erroneous trees.  Aaauuuggghh.  Only FTDNA and 23 and Me DNA testing can be trusted.  Genealogy!  After lunch we worked on Bankston genealogy.  We did have a good 2.5 mile hike.  2.5 hours.

13 Aug, Sunday: Today was a quiet Sunday with a hike to the sinkholes and back to the puzzle board.

12 Aug: Ron pulled the jigsaw puzzle out from its weekend hiding place for an hour or two; the Inn's top gun, Patty, sat down to help him figure it out.  This one is a bugger.  We were up for a really short hike today; instead, Ron made the hike to Coopers Lodge with the promise to return by six PM for tonight's hot date.  Ron returned an hour late having forgotten the new AT trail takes much longer. Cynthia is working on DNA projects.  (no trail maintenance)

11 Aug: Killington, VT.  Today's "short hike" was 4.5 miles to the ski run, uphill both ways.  How nice Rosemary's Restaurant served salmon tonight!  Ron met the executive director of leadership communications from MIT while puzzling away.  We invited him to dinner but he and his friend had already eaten.  His friend was a graduate of CU Boulder where grandson Brett is enrolled for a second degree this fall.  4 hours.

10 Aug: Killington, VT.  Cynthia's hurted IT band was iced, and she was ready to roll; we hiked the flat trail from Gifford Woods State Park along Kent Pond with Ron trimming overhanging branches along the way.   We enjoyed masses of flowers in bloom along the board walk kissing the sun, thanks to a lovely rainfall.  A family of Hasidic Jews parked next to the motorcycle; Cynthia commented to the Rabbi ... "The Lord has blessed you with a quiver full."  He smiled back, knowingly.  The four little boys were very excited to have their their photo taken on the motorcycle.   Back at the lodge, Ron is patiently making progress on the jigsaw puzzle.  We might stay for another year? 2 hours.

We reached the ski run when Cynthia's cell phone delivered
an urgent warning of an impending thunderstorm.
We hastened down, but the rain she came.
9 Aug: Wed: Oh, wow!  We slept 10 hours awakening at 9:10 AM.  I love our lazy mornings; but the inn stops serving breakfast at 9:30.  A Word from Ron: Be thankful; be thankful for what you have (in response to Cynthia's complaint she should be skinny with all this hiking).  Cynthia is pondering Ron's answer as fodder for a sermon amidst the cries of gender confusion:  Be thankful for who you are.  On another note or two: Ron is finding success with the Candyland puzzle; Cynthia's nephew Alexander reports Wharton is top on his college preference list; another nephew is experiencing an answer to prayer; daughters Roxanne and Julie returned from a happy trip to Mexico.   Our hike was fun, although Ron worked cleaning ONE water bar forever.  The trip down mountain was wet. 5 hours!                                 Click here for full size photo.

8 Aug: Tues:  Rested, feeling good, a great way to start a new day. A hike is planned for this afternoon once the housekeepers have worked their way around our clutter.  The forecast high today is 71 degrees with a light shower mid-afternoon.  Apparently, vertigo is related to allergies, Joni S. tells us; cousin Newell offered movement exercises that really did work.  WoooHooo! We hiked nearly five mountain miles from Gifford Woods State Park to Thundering Falls and back in 3 hours.
Kent Pond

7 Aug: Mon: We woke up!  That is really exciting news because it means we went back to sleep after being awakened by the girlie thrashing around in pain.  For some puzzling reason Cynthia's back issues returned despite rest in bed with vertigo for three days.  Maybe inactivity caused the inflammation to kick in again?  We hiked to the sinkholes round trip.  3 hours. Ron pulled the jigsaw puzzle out of its weekend hiding place and managed to put in a few more pieces.  The puzzle over the missing Coriell ancestor in Ohio has not been solved.  We hope to sleep?  Good Night!!

6 Aug, Sunday: Friends from the Inn at Long Trail lunched with us.  Pat's design business is keeping her incredibly busy.  We had fun telling them about our travels.  After being foodified, we hiked to the sink holes while Ron did trail maintenance.  3 hours.  A trail angel, "Miss Janet," from Tennessee was at the pub when we returned.  We visited for awhile but pubs are too noisy for us. We worked on DNA and SCS records.  Sistah Carol has discovered that the Beatty/ Overturff ancestor Sarah Alice Correll was actually a Coriell, thanks to DNA.

5 Aug: Saturday, With rain in the forecast we boogied up the Sherburne Pass Trail late morning but didn't reach the sinkholes before the first drops of rain came. The thunderstorm with heavy wnds didn't appear.  2.5 hours

4 Aug: Friday: Cynthia slept 9 hours; the vertigo continued to lessen throughout the day.  It is apparent only upon standing.  Ron, Eddie and Beverly fascinated us with stories of how Eddie became a master Scrabble player - ranking # 1 at times in Vermont.  They are a delightful couple; Eddie is the essence of supportive spouse taking care of Beverly while she had a kidney transplant plus being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease afterwards..   They are heroes of the first class.  After breakfast Ron and the duo went to Thundering Falls to see the view before heading back to NH.  Ron hiked back from the falls. 4 hours (no trail maintenance).

3 Aug: Happy Birthday Jon! Cynthia has vertigo.  She slept most of the day.  Eddie and Beanie arrived for a visit; she slept arising to have dinner at six PM.  We were all tired and went to sleep early.

2 Aug: Our minds are refreshed.  We managed hiking to Ormond's Overlook with  Ron doing trail maintenance. 2 hours

1Aug: Cynthia was exhausted after getting to bed too much too late; she stayed home to rest while the hiker man pushed the boundaries being without adult supervision.  Despite fatigue he hiked 8 miles and injured his knee. 7 hours.   Promising to go to bed early, that did not happen.