Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September by the end of the month Ron will be loving Cynthia with ALL his heart, God willing

30 Sept, Wed: Arise now and greet the morning! We did and discovered a brilliant sunrise The cardiologist phoned last night with news the cardio procedures could be delayed until Friday instead of our scheduled time 7:30 AM tomorrow. He will phone again this morning with a plan. We will continue with morning plans to go to the gym and the dentist; if he has not called by noon, we head to the medical center where we have a hotel room reserved for the night. I am very thankful for this day. Ok! It's high noon:fifteen. We continued on and did not receive the call to delay the procedures so off we go to the medical center after a stop at Smoothie King and then the recycling center. The drive is always stressful, but we are now ensconced at the Hilton Plaza Medical Center with a lovely room; the doctor called Ron with good news that we are scheduled tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM for certain, we are due at the hospital by 5:30 AM. We plan to walk the 10 blocks from the hotel to the hospital because the shuttle doesn't run until 7:00. Tonight we will walk to the Rotary House for dinner.
29 Sept, Tues: Microsoft issues and glitches surfaced in Vol 6 once again just as the end was in sight. What else is new but yet another problem to be resolved? Several hours later, Vol. 6 is fixed after believing it would be a simple 15 minute operation. Now, it is backed up on the external hard drive as well as the Airport and sent to Dropbox. Ron phoned Thompson Shore. Yay!!! Plans for today: exercise, pack for the morning departure. Oh. We will make a trip to the storage unit with boxes since Ron can't lift over ten pounds after surgery Thursday. Cynthia made a Smoothie using protein powder, sugar free jelly and ice cubes.


28 Sept, Mon: First I love you of the day, Smooch!! Cynthia live streamed some of the heavenly wonders last evening because overcast skies blocked her view. We did good at our gym workout! We thought we deserved a treat at Smoothie King but the doors were locked; the staff did a no-show. On Cynthia's return trip from the dermatologist early afternoon, Smoothie King was open so she brought the treats home. She went in for a biopsy on her right nostril that the doctor believes to be basal cell carcinoma. Results will be return in ten days to two weeks. A badly needed rain fell throughout today. The evening skies are clearing with marvelous shades of orange, violet to Crimson. Printed pages of Vol. 6 look mighty fine; the next job is to split the manuscript into two (6 A and 6B), then it goes into Dropbox for the publisher Thompson-Shore. But, unfortunately, glitches continue to appear because of Microsoft Word. Another issue this morning. Bummer!!


27 Sept, Sun: The photos below are from an enchanted walk last night: the sunset and moonscape were marvelous; so, too, the music and message at morning worship:

O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder

Consider all the *worlds thy hands have made,

I see the stars, I hear the *rolling thunder,

Thy power throughout the universe displayed:


Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee:

How great thou art! How great thou art!

Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee:

How great thou art! How great thou art!

When through the woods and forest glades I wander

And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees,

When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur,

And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:


And when I think that God, his Son not sparing,

Sent him to die, I scarce can take it in,

That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing,

He bled and died to take away my sin.


When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation

And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart!

Then *I shall bow in humble adoration,

And there proclaim, My God, how great thou art!

26 Sept, Sat! The lake is gorgeous and the temperature is glorious. Ron (photos) is enjoying his Saturday conversations with sistah Carol. For lunch we will reap the benefits of dental cleaning: Smoothie King has fat free and low sugar enjoyable meals in a glass. Good news: our pharmacy will reschedule all of our RX to renew the same date and ship them to us wherever we are; the first package of 90 day refills will be ready Tuesday with the next refills ready when we return to Texas in January. While some of our details may seem silly to our readers, this blog is really a collection of records for the IRS.
25 Sept, Fri?? How did that happen? Three months to Christmas??? Maybe we should stay up later to hold back time? We woke up at 3:30 AM so it has already been a long day, but a good one, beginning with our gym workout. Ron rowed fewer strokes but more efficiently burning more calories. Cynthia is increasing strength. Not wasting time, we ran errands with a stop at Smoothie King second on our shopping list. Ron worked on Vol. 6 this afternoon, inserting a footer that increased the size by two pages and did not change the pagination; he changed the titles to reflect which volume has the index. By mid afternoon it was time for a Jacuzzi...Mmmmm. We walked Walden after dinner at the Caddy Shack once again; the Cajun spiced Rainbow Trout was tasty while Cynthia enjoyed a cucumber salad with chicken breast. Ron's after walking massages are helping Cynthia's sciatica.
24 Sept, Thurs: Brenham--- Former President, CEO and Chairman of Blue Bell Creameries, Ed F. Kruse, passed away at the age of 87.
Kruse helped his father at a young age at Blue Bell Creameries hand wrapping ice cream sandwiches by hand. He dedicated to the company for over 60 years.

After graduating Texas A&M University in 1949, Kruse joined the company full time in 1951 as a manager. He was formally named Chairman, President and General Manager in 1968 and a CEO in 1986. In 1993, he moved into a smaller role with the company until he fully retired in 2014.

Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences named Kruse as Outstanding Alumni Award as well as the Association of Former Students Distinguished Alumnus Awar

23 Sept, Wed: Happy Autumn Equinox!!! Ha! The temperature here is forecast to be 93 degrees. Our gym workout was challenging. Oh, boy, Eddie is quite the taskmaster. Ron was delighted to row for 15 minutes, 134 strokes and 153 calories with only one short-of-breath rest. Boot camp was abusing jump ropes and jump-ropers. Then on to the dentist for Ron's two hour cleaning ordeal. Ron managed to endure the two-hour heavy-duty, pick-and-shovel cleaning nicely thanks to a little bIt of numbing. Dr. Anderson is also a VERY competent dentist; he gave us an overview of treatment that will begin in January once we return to Texas: temporary caps on 8 front uppers and lowers followed by several gum grafts (surgery) on exposed teeth and behind the yet-to-be-installed new bridge, and then permanent caps. Dr. Ernie Anderson is one of Houston's finest dentists; he will do an excellent job. He prescribed liquids only today, preferably cold ones. The 40-ounce Smoothies at Smoothie King were certainly a relief for sore teeth, the best part of the day. Yum!
22 Sept, Tues: Hey! I don't remember yesterday. Hmmm Cynthia worked on DNA. (Nothing surprising about that.) Yes. Ron hardly worked. Yes. We walked to the Caddy Shack for dinner and followed that epicurean adventure with our 92nd rendition of the 4.5K "Walk in Walden." We turned back from the gravel path immediately upon encountering gnats today; for once the concrete sidewalk looked preferable.
21 Sept, Mon:Ron arose early, as is his custom, to enjoy the sunrise on the dock. Gym class was at 9:30 this AM. It is much quieter without the motivational music for the girlies Boot Camp; those girls work impressively hard. Ron is learning how to row, row, row his boat-less "shell" more effectively and burned 154 calories in 15 minutes taking 138 strokes. Following our escape, Ron mailed our first Christmas letter early and scored holiday Elvis stamps. We also bought sorbet at Brookshire Brothers and yeast at Wally World (absolutely essential for bread). What a surprise to receive a request at noon-thirty to show the house at 3:45, so we did the clean up boogie. After straightening our messes, Ron pulled weeds, and Cynthia washed windows. We are pleased with the results. Now, if only we can get a buyer!! To while away the hour for the showing, we drove to the Walden Fitness Center for a post-workout workout. Even on the second last day of summer, it is still much too hot to walk in the Texas mid-day sun. To each his/her own, Cynthia spent time on the treadmill, and Ron on the elliptical machine. We had a Beatty Good Day!
20 Sept, Sun: Music at worship was very uplifting; it helps to have familiar hymns. Even Ron joined in on "Amazing Grace." Cynthia's friends Bill and Sandy from Hempstead joined us for brunch along with Jon, Cynthia's son. When 6:30 PM arrived, the temperature had cooled enough to walk but at the approach of darkness the nasty gnats swelled to epidemic proportions; they were ... Nasty!
19 Sept, Sat: After a morning of computer stuff, we went to our fitness center (not the gym) and we worked out (gently) for an hour before getting ready for dinner with Merry and Bill S.; they are always so much fun. Bummer, I didn't get photos. Ron went for a walk to talk to Ed.
18 Sept, Fri: CAP elite is a marvelous gym and Eddie is a terrific pro trainer. Ron works on various machines (gently) burning 134 calories in 15 minutes on the rowing machine and about the same on the manual treadmill. Cynthia is learning new routines that will travel and can be done in 30 minutes a day in hotel rooms. We enjoyed a "date" breakfast by driving 30 minutes to the Toasted Yolk, then on to shopping at Wally World; when we returned home the cleaning crew was finished and waiting to be paid. We skipped dinner out and walked instead, covering the usual 4.5 miles to the Fitness Center, counting many deer. Ron enjoyed a phone visit with brother Dean and learned of their impending adventure building a new home in Delaware only minutes from windsurfing. Ron called the SouthCarolina Friday Night Dinner Group and talked to everyone.
17 Sept, Thurs Accomplishments, many and varied: The house has been cleaned for the cleaning woman tomorrow, the recycling is ready to be taken to the recycling center, Cynthia baked bread, AliveCor has been installed on Cynthia's phone and it does take an EKG in thirty seconds. She made reservations at a hotel in the medical center for 30 September so we can easily get to the hospital early morning October first for the procedure to open the LAD. And we had a 6 plus mile walk that included a trip to the Caddy Shack for dinner. We won't order Mahi Mahi poached again; we didn't know that mahi mahi is Caddy Shack speak for minnow.
16 Sep: After gym class, Ron was dragged to a dental appointment (not unwillingly), where Dr. Anderson performed a most thorough evaluation of Ron's myriad dental problems. Cynthia is in favor of incredible amounts of corrective work: filling that long-lived hole behind his bridge, capping many chipped teeth, treating periodontal disease NOW, etc., etc. The Toasted Yolk again fed us wonderful egg white veggie omelets, and now we are ensconced at the Montgomery County Library researching. Woo woo: A new phone app, AliveCor, is expected to arrive this day; it fits the phone like a cover with two metal squares on the face. By holding fingers to the metal or by holding the phone to the chest it takes an EKG and sends it to the doctor. It is supposed to record blood pressure, pulse, meds and activity. Does it work? We don't know. We have returned three wrist devises because they don't do what is promised. We were too tired to walk after dinner, but Ron went for a speedy walk-n-talk for nine holes worth on the golf course cart path.
15 Sept, Tues: Cynthia's ear infection is healed: Good news! Ron received another care package of Sudokus from Oke in Vermont which gave him a very big smile. Now he is pondering what to do next because he was anticipating a long search for a paper he needed, but instead, he found it immediately. Cynthia is working on Brooks and Lea DNA.
14 Sept, Mon: 73 degrees at Lake Conroe this gorgeous morning. Up and at em to the gym followed by shopping at Wally World, and more of the usual computer works till time for the nightly walk.
13 Sept, Sun: Pastor Diane blessed backpacks that were donated for school kids with an interesting sermon about items of faith to carry in the packs. Ron had a couple episodes during worship when sudden sweating caused him to sit down a couple of times; when he opened his eyes his vision was blurry. Cynthia thought he looked pale before worship. Was breakfast too big (two bowls of fat free cereal and toast with protein powder)? By the time church was over Ron was refreshed and ready for brunch at the Walden Yacht Club. This is Grandparents Day meaning eleven grandkids had better be in touch with Grandmother by midnight.
12 Sept, Sat: The weather is glorious; the lake is beautiful with waves and boats flying hither and you know where else. Cynthia cleaned while Ron worked on the computer lining up new challenges to bide the time until we are able to travel once again. We walked about 6 miles today because we tried another route that didn't work out. The deer are out and about. Interesting to see a group of stags staring at us unafraid.

Option #2 which means we are scheduled:

October 1st surgery to open and stent the LAD,

October 2nd surgery for cardio version to correct atrial flutter,

October 8th follow up medical appointment with Dr. Arian,

October 9th flight to Vermont.

We hope to hike and see New England fall colors, return to Boston by motorcycle to see our friends, Richard, Maggie, MIT friends, and then travel to Philadelpia to see friends, and on to Raleigh, NC to the Archives. Prayers for Eddie and Beanie as they mourn the loss of her mother.

10 Sep: Ron's follow-up appointment with Dr. Arian was preceded by a delicious breakfast at the Toasted Yolk and light traffic on the long drive to the medical center in Houston. First things first, Dr. Arian pronounced that it was his official medical opinion that Ron is still alive - GREAT NEWS. We discussed treatment options, and Dr. Arian recommended an ablation procedure to cauterize the faulty electrical pathways that cause the atrial flutter. (Pam says that my EKG is the classic atrial flutter pattern that she studied but has never seen in the flesh.) Ron opted instead for door number 2, opening the LAD followed by a quickie cardioversion to reset the heart into normal sinus rhythm. Cross your fingers and pray that God approves of this decision. So the procedure is scheduled for October 1st, the cardioversion for the 2nd, a follow-up with Dr. Arian on the 8th and a flight to Rutland, VT via Boston on the 9th. With luck, the motorcycle will start, if we are less lucky the battery will still recharge successfully, and if we have bad luck, the battery will be dead as a doornail. We ate again at Pappadeaux; this time the Icelandic Cod was delicious. Upon successful return to 13506 Northshore Drive, we embarked again on the daily routine fitness walk to the fitness center - except it was near enough dark that we instead walked on the golf course cart-paths to a point looking out at the lake. Ron then showered, ate, and composed an e-mail to Dr. Gould to ask his advice in re ablation vs opening the artery. Now it is midnight, time to collect points for first "I LOVE you" of the new day.


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