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June, Too Soon to be June!?

Saw three times, rotate once. Ron at work.

30 Jun:


29 Jun, Mon: A cloudy morning, rain through the night, convinced Ron it is the perfect day to saw fallen trees lying across the trail. By two PM heavy rain hit near the Inn with light rain where Ron was working. After removing seven very large trees, returning at hiker midnight, he was very surprised to find the trail down mountain more sloppy than going up mountain. His very sore body is not a surprise.

28 Jun: Where does the time go?? Rain, rain & more rain promise to keep us from hiking for the next several days. Pat has offered us the use of a car, and Cynthia eagerly accepted; we go to pick it up when Pat leaves work today. THANKS Pat. Ron found five puzzle pieces on the floor, so the zebra puzzle needs to be done again. Oke is supplying Ron with Sudokus, so Ron now has a compelling avoidance activity to occupy precious time. Cynthia's feet have been fine, no pain, no problem; what an incredible relief. Maureen, the physical therapist, is excellent and is now working on Cynthia's hip pain & piriformis muscle. Ron has reduced the immensity of the Desktop Tragedy from 15000 files to 628 by restoring files to the originating directories, incidentally also removing duplicates. Hiking and trail maintenance continues to be our primary goal here. The food is excellent, the staff ditto, and Oke and Reggie are pretty fun. More later.

27 Jun: Sat: Our hike was delayed to after lunch, but we moved with lightning speed up to the ski run and back before the rain hit. Floods are promised. Dinner at Rosemary's Restaurant was marvelous. The Salmon filets were delicious.

26 Jun, Fri: Great, fun hike to the ski run back in time to shower and drive to Killington for dinner at Chef Claude's "Choices" restaurant. We had forgotten just how awesome the meals taste especially the veggie couscous in curry sauce. The swordfish was an epicurean masterpiece. From there we joined the "I Ain't Dead Yet" Reunion of Killington residents from thirty , forty, and fifty years ago. Funny, no one remembered us. Hahaha! To three men, Ron said he and Oke were kindred spirits. Three times the immediate response was, "Oh, you don't wear shoes, either?" Oke was an affluent character who arrived here from Connecticut in the late sixties driving a Morgan convertible, liked the place, took off his shoes to live barefoot, and grow marijuana for a living.

25 Jun: Physical therapy day followed by lunch at Sugar and Spice.

24 June: Wed: 7 Mile hike beyond Jungle Junction

23 June: Physical Therapy followed by shopping and a hike to the sinkholes

22 Jun: Time flies once again. Ron has finished "IMPOSSIBLE" jigsaw puzzle (of tightly knit herd of zebras), finished "Desktop Tragedy" (equally daunting computer puzzle), and is again using the computer with internet. Trail maintenance will resume later this morning after the trail has a chance to dry after the heavy rains last night, so this daily post will be brief. Approach-avoidance is the word of the day; Ron has never willingly resumed a big project after dropping it for a couple of months, and the current projects are no exception: 1) Vol. 6 of the Colonial Records of the Swedish Churches, 2) James Lea, James Lea, and James Lea of Caswell County, North Carolina in 1790; which one married a daughter of Lawrence Bankston?, and 3) updating Rambo genealogies (very cold on back-most burner).
21 June: Despite heavy evening rain last night Ron ventured forth with his tools. The Green Mountain Club is interested in his hours.
Relaxing in the sunshine on the ski run
20 June: 7 mile hike for Cynthia while Ron continued working on the trail.
19 June: Friday was a good day for hiking five miles to the ski run and back
18 June: Rain was not forecast. We planned to hike after physical therapy. The forecast changed; Accuweather said rain! it looked like rain. Oh, well, Instead of hiking, Ron worked on a very challenging jig Saw puzzle. Cynthia puzzled over her current manuscript. The sun came out! We shoulda hiked!!! A very long time ago, In June of 1980, Mrs. Iowa America was the third runner up in the National Mrs. America Pageant in Las Vegas.
Mee WeeFee in Jun 1980, a beauty even then
Alumnae honoree WeeFee likes this photo of Ron in suit

17 Jun, Wed: The sun is shining and we are off to hike. Cynthia likes this photo of Ron in a suit.

16 Jun: Physical Therapy day! Lunch at Sugar and Spice and driving home in the rain. Oke found a tough jigsaw puzzle for Ron. Oh boy!!!

15 Jun: Mon: Ron hiked 8 miles accomplishing a lot of stream bed maintenance. It was supposed to rain but did not pour.

14 Jun, Sun: Another beautiful day, another great hike, and the Sherburne Pass Hero cleared the log from the trail! "Give me a lever, and a place to stand, and I can move the earth!"

13 Jun, Sat: Awesome even: we were on the trail by 10:30 AM for a six hour hike and trail maintainence, of course!!!

12 Jun, Fri: The Five Mile hike to the ski run was indeed pleasant. Ron was proud of his trail maintenance.

11 Jun, Thurs: The temperature reached a pleasant 70 degrees with no rain as we rode to Rutland to see the physical therapist and the orthodontist. Cynthia lost her retainer. Kids! Ron started hiking at 4:30 PM returning at hiker dark. Kids! Ron bought a new toy for his new passion: a one pice trowel and garden fork. Kids!

10 June: Rain through the night caused a delay to hike until 3:00 PM. The trail is a muddy mess. We are watching the news of the escaped convicts some 2.5 hours NW of us with interest. No doubt the intense focus on an area near the prison will bear fruit today. Yellowbuttons for Cynthia's Texas friends:

9 Jun: already. We dodged the rain this morning by waiting until noon to get onto the motorcycle and take Cynthia to the PT (Physical Therapy/ Physical Torture). Maureen again did a marvelous job of finding and treating ankle and hip. Cynthia is feeling much improved. (Now if we could only fix that typo on her birth certificate ...) Ron shopped at WallyWorld for groceries and managed to get everything except yard tool/ stream-bed maintenance implements. Work on the Desktop Tragedy continues. Twisted turns out to be a very quiet, soft spoken guy, so we recommend you read/ view his blog. Apparently Ron's back is no longer tolerating even light raking. Trail Maintenance Addict will just have to suffer withdrawal.

8 Jun: It is rainy this morning; Ron intends to hike regardless; Cynthia is more sensible. Ron is again wondering where the time goes. Amazing that a techie can spend so much satisfying time restoring files and removing duplicates from a "Desktop Tragedy." Today at breakfast we finally met hiker twisted, a very nice, soft-spoken guy who is taking a rainy day zero here. We will let you know more about him soon. We did get in a couple of hours hiking early this afternoon.

7 Jun, Sunday: Amazing!!! We started hiking by 10:30 AM and managed to go uphill all the way to the trail junction (Jungle Junction) with nice rest breaks and no foot pain; with the downhill return, todays hike totalled 6.4 miles in 6 hours. It was a beautiful day with a 65 degree high. Nice to see the trail drying; stream-bed maintenance does work. The borrowed saw was not a multi-purpose tool; it might be fine for whacking off vegetation along Kent Pond, but it is intended to saw lumber, not trees. Today we met a nice couple who had to give up a Long Trail hike due to his knee problems: Movin' On and Thin Mint.

6 June: National Trail Days. Ron was doing trail maintenance on the Sherburne Trail while Cynthiaplugged along to the ski run with black flies biting us no matter what repellent we use. Five miles round trip. Woo hoo!

5 June, Friday: Physical therapy began this morning. Cynthia's foot is rapidly improving after the cortisone shot; the ankle swelling has greatly diminished. Ron is almost finished fixing the desktop tragedy. Short one mile hike

4 June: Thurs: We hiked two miles because the trails are so wet.

3 June: Quiet time allows Ron Geek Time; thankful for IBook on her IPad, Cynthia reads a book a day. Recent recommedations: The Power of Habit, The Nightingale (great historical fiction), Born Survivors, Stalin's Daughter, The Last Train to Memphis, Child Bride, Autobiography of Jerry Lee Lewis, All the Light We Cannot See (Best Fiction), Malala, The Girl on the Train, Hope (tragic tale of abductions) and re-reading Frank McCourt's autobiographies. Apart from Frank McCourt's excellent books, the biographies were stomach wrenches: it is sad so much talent produced such wasted lives. Our swordfish at the Southside Steakhouse was very good (They have zero fat sourdough bread).

2 June: See comment for June 1th!

June 1th, Mon: My new book, "Three Rainy Days in a Mountain Cabin Eating Chicken, Turkey and Tuna On Irish Soda Bread With No Hope of Escape Because We Ride A Motorcycle," is certain to become a best seller with an Academy Award winning movie on the horizon.


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