Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February is for Lovers, Happy Valentine's Day. I LOVE YOU over and over.

29 Feb: Very Little Sleep set off an early AM Panic.  Breakfast at Denny's with Maxine, Doug and Judy was marvelous; a fun, delightful time was had by all of the survivors.  Doug and Maxine took Ron to the PO to mail packages arriving right at the time Connie phoned with an offer to eat leftover turkey; she boogied over to the PO  and provided transportation for errands with a drop-off  back to the house.  Four more items need packing.  The Historical Society of Philadelphia wrote with a request for the Rambo books.  Doug was kind enough to offer a ride to the PO and to the recycling center tomorrow.  Tomorrow - tomorrow - it's almost tomorrow.  By the end of this day, excitement and joy returned at the major accomplishments of the past two months.  HOMECOMING: Friday, 2 March, 10:00 AM  Flight: CO5285  - Operated by Trans States Airlines dba United Express. SMOOCH

28 Feb: Good day with Don and Ann S.  Lost day for packaging books to be mailed to libraries, etc.

27 Feb: Awake by 4:something.  Boxes packaged, sealed and returned to the infamous storage locker at Edwardsville, IL thanks to Sistah Carol and her truckmobile.   HOMECOMING: Friday, 2 March, 10:00 AM  Flight: CO5285  - Operated by Trans States Airlines dba United Express. SMOOCH

26 Feb:Sunday
Cynthia and Granddaughter Kiira - (St. Edwards U)
 25 Feb: Dinner party cancelled tonight. Dinner with Connie McK tomorrow night.  Who wants to have a play-by-play description of re-packing boxes of documents with separator pages and copies of boxes of documents with separator pages and copious notes identifying exactly what is in the box and why and what for?  Please send a self-addressed LARGE box for detailed reply; send a second LARGE box for copy of detailed reply for storage locker. hahahaha!   Smooch Smooch and son Jon are visiting a granddaughter and a friend's granddaughter in Austin, TX. 

24 Feb: The shoulder seems fine apart from some stiffness.  Packaging process continues with the 2nd of March approaching like a bullet train.  The boxes will be ready to returned to the storage locker Monday with help from Sistah Carol and her vehicle.  Carol won the round of who paid for dinner of egg white omelets at Denny's last night. The waiter quickly corrected Ron's omelet for eggwhites instead of the 10 grams of fat yolked eggs.  Cynthia, in Texas, attended her granddaughter's opening night performance as Thing 2 in Seussical the Musical. 
Cynthia, granddaughter Rachel with BF Ryan

Cynthia's Granddaughter Zoe is Thing 2 [2nd from left] in Seussical the Musical
 23:  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  This is a special day for the two's of us.  Ron proposed on bended knee in a restaurant filled with delighted onlookers - especially Smooch Smooch.  Later,  on the dock, in front of God and all the duckies on the lake, we made our vows to  marry.  The joyful wedding occurred 5/12/2011.  See what falling in love does to the brain: 

22 Feb: Pain in the right shoulder joint grew progressively worse starting at three PM.  Motrin, iced the shoulder and a hot bath relieved the discomfort (PAIN).  By ten-thirty the pain was gone. No doubt a muscle was torn in the process of carrying two very heavy bags home from the storage locker.  

 21 Feb: The internet has been down two days.  Recycling is proceeding successfully; packaging is progressing.  While walking to Starbucks a five AM, I reflected on how much I love you and how amazing our love is.  I love you.

Missed the connection with the librarian so genealogy materials found a good home in the library on the shelf for items waiting to be re-stacked. 
19 Feb.  Thank God Thank God Thank God

18 Feb: The Valentine arrived by snail mail yesterday, deep in the heart of Texas, SURPRISING Smooch Smooch;  she was quite delighted with the romantical notes, especially the suggestion we dress up to go rock n' rollin again and again soon.  We could dress up and put a CD in the computer and dance in the hotel rooms!   8 year old nephew Kyle's big birthday bash was a grand success.  Ron reaped rewards for delivering chocolate kisses from Aunt Cynthia to Erika and Chelsea: lots of hugs.  In Kyle's excitement to open gifts he did not fully read the note promising monetary remuneration from Uncle Ron by buying each box or envelope that was not torn.  What a SMART UNCLE!

Carols' floppy drive may be getting overworked.  But, the three most important missing documents have been found in Sistah Carol's possession.
I love you, love you, love you...  Smooch! 13 days

17 Feb:  Awakened again at 4:30 AM after only 6 hours of sleep.  Oh well, today the pressure is off because "so much" packing and winnowing and floppy copying was done yesterday.  The piles of papers are NOT significantly reduced, but the trend towards more entropy has reversed; one set of copies is set to recycle, the bottom of one box is covered, and the inventory of those materials is updated.  RELIEF.  Today's plan is to run out with Eric at 9:30 to purchase a present for Kyle's b'day party Saturday, a Wii game: Jumpstart (educational) Escape from Adventure Island.  Today is the day to seal the base of the doorway with a silicone seal "cofferdam" abutting the door.  If wind permits, it is also the day to extract a tons of stuff to see if one more box or suitcase containing genealogy can be found.  (It seems impossible that the three most desirable  papers are still hiding.)

16 Feb (newly edited): Again unable to sleep well; awakened irretrievably at 6AM after only 4.5 hours of sleep.  The pressure is mounting to finish all photographing, re-packaging, winnowing, thrashing etc. before the return flight on the 2nd of March (thank goodness it isn't the ides of May).  Fortunately the photography is done once, so the only additions needed are improvements to clipped images.  Never mind that this is more than Ron ever expected to accomplish in Edwardsville, the list of projects needing immediate attention is overwhelming.  Oh well, one thing at a time, and the blog is very, very important (although often neglected).
Nephew Eric came by in the afternoon, and we enjoyed a pleasant lunch at Denny's before he dropped me off at the storage locker.  I was in time to say "Hi" to the girls before they closed up shop for the evening.  No water was apparent under the door, so it only gets wet when the wind blows differently.  The sunny walk back was very pleasant along the bicycle path.  It was very calming to accomplish another session copying diskettes and winnowing paper.

15 Feb: Sistah Carol and Ron enjoyed a marvelous afternoon of companionship.  The e-vile older sister even tried to atone for sins past by buying Ron dinner at Denny's.  Stay tuned; more details later.

14 Feb:  Valentines Day.  Promptly at midnight, Ron wrote: I love you Smooch Smooch.  Ron is still "getting his genealogy onto the computer" in Edwardsville, IL, while Cynthia is basking in the Texas warmth and struggling with her multiple James Leas.  We are both so VERY busy although neither of us is sleeping as well as when together.  It is midnight, why is Ron not exhausted?  Because Google presented an invigorating challenge before allowing Ron to imbed a picture in an e-mail, but the Valentine is finally delivered, so to bed.  Goodnight for now.

just says it all so simply, and

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH         (Shhh, not so loud in public, gracious me.)

After an hour lying abed, Ron resumed organizing things until 3:30 am.  The photo shoot is over, organization is next along with copying 400 old floppies onto disk.  Wish me luck.   LOTS of luck; it is mind-boggling to think that I have to have everything recycled or packed back into the storage locker in 18 days. Methinks another walk and/or slide to Starbucks is in order later this am.  And to bed again with much better success although only until 7am.  After checking the forecast (warming and dry), Ron postponed a visit to Starbucks until later.  At 10:30am the streets and sidewalks were mostly clear of snow & ice, the lawns and rooftops were lovely and white.
The results of the latest labs are good again: total Cholesterol = 122, HDL =54, LDL =54, Triglycerides =72, LP(a) =34.  LP(a) is my genetic nemesis, Lipoprotein (a).  Elevated levels are a genetic inheritance affecting only 3% of the male population, and I'm one of the lucky ones.  It potentiates LDL and increases its artery-clogging propensities. (There, now I can file that paper for the record.  Onward, transcribing notes into digital to enable reference while traveling.)

13 Feb: Snow at 4pm creating lovely, slippery snow white fields, streets, etc.  Fortunately Ron walked to Starbucks for coffee at 9am when he first discovered the forecast for 1 to 3 inches of slippery.  Today Aunt Verla's newspaper clippings provided the most entertainment of the entire photo shoot.  The several sets of Rambo books are ordered and should arrive mere days before Ron's departure back to Texas, so preparation to bounce them to their intended destinations will be crucial (copyright office, libraries, archives).

12 Feb, Sun:  Photo sessions, dinner with good friend Connie McK.  Ron called Smooch Smooch after hearing a romantic song, but he forgot the name of the song while talking! (Just like a male, scheesh.)  We are counting the days: 19.  Nine Month Anniversary!  Yahoo! I love you just the way you are!

11 Feb, Sat:  Ron walked (hungry) two miles for groceries yesterday in 16 above zed on slightly icy sidewalks; must have revved up energy to enable working until 5:30 this AM.  The wind chill index is five degrees above zed on this afternoon's journey into the frozen northland of Edwardsville, Illinoizzz.

8 Feb, Wed:  Dates to Remember: Valentine's Day 14 Feb. and 2 March-N home.

6 Feb:  Lord only knows why I'm awakening so early every morning .. 3:30am this morning after getting to bed exhausted after 10pm last night.  First object today was to see if my bid was successful to purchase archaic technology, a Palm Vx PDA.  Nope, outbid at $3.25 (+$6 shipping), so Ron is now auctioning off the charging station w/ sync cradle etc.; results expected to be zip in 3 days.  Smooch Smooch arrived back in Texas late this morning after a great trip to CA with her adult children.  She and the Lord know why Ron awakens so early every morning: he misses her!  Smooch.

5 Feb, Sunday:  Another nice but chilly day in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Another 600+ photographs of genealogy documents taken in black & white.  Another several Smooch phone calls (smooch, smooch).  And a long, long walk to the storage locker & return.  These bicycle paths are enticing but misleading; I've gotten lost every time I've set foot on one.  I did a little more on the Rambo CD and added several more pictures to Eric's RPM coins web site.

1 Feb.  I love you!  Smooch!

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