Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June - Journeys

29 June - Tues: The SAVE the DATE cards are finalized. Didja hear that Donna? We biked into town with the computer and jump drive tucked into the shirt... ate breakfast with Connie McK at Fiona's... and boogied right down to the Office Depot to have the cards printed and cut into postcard size. Boy oh Boy! We sure do look pretty... well one of us does.... the one who got prettified with a pedicure and manicure. Some of the cards were hand delivered this afternoon - and others will be at the Rambo family reunion. The rest are scheduled for stamping and mailing. Toured the town visiting with the lovely ladies from the bank - and now off to watch niece Erica take a gymnastic lesson with her auntie Carol.

28 June- Mon: Settling in for a few days means the Save the Date cards are getting closer to mailing. The lab results came back with excellent scores: total cholesterol is 112... HDL is 65 - LDL is 45... wowie zowie! A great report!

27 June - Sunday: Edwardsville, Illinois: The trek across Tennessee with a dip down to Dade County, GA was delightful - including a jaunt up to Wylasi-Yi center on the Appalachian Trail. The store was closed but some hikers were lounging around. We are enjoyed a dinner with nephew Eric and family; Paul G. is here from Hawaii, visited with Connie McK, attended the graduation party of Joe and Nancy H.'s daughter Katy's graduation from college but we by-passed the cake and fried chicken.

23 June - Wed:- We are outta here (Columbia, SC ) headed to IL and then on to Iowa for a HOT Fourth of July - with little time for updates the next two weeks. Here are some more pictures from the Florida and New England travel.

Daytona Shores, FL Sunset view from the balcony where we were bitten by sand fleas!

Wall and Ron
Laurie, Hamilton, Jr. and his fiancee'

22 June Tues - Fish and grits at Lizard's Thicket (sans oil or butter) - Susan's sweet smile -walking with Dick, Jim, Steve...enjoyable dinners and lunches with Liz and Clark, Donna and Greg, Dick at Ruby Tuesday's - looking at photos of the new Gowdy grandkid has all been joy. Our time in Columbia passed like a blur; now with nifty new trailer and specially built storage we prepare for departure to Illinois and onto Iowa for the Rambo family reunion the Fourth of July.

Such a day of dealing with incompetents, too: after fasting for labs this AM it was pretty disconcerting to discover the fax machine at LabCorps was broken down yesterday and today - but the receptionsist didn't bother mentioning that fact when asked for the fax number. She could not find the fax this morning; the GRRRROOOWWLLLIIING stomach did not scare her either. A phone call to Mary got a second fax sent to another office. Seems the bewildered receptionist is also the phlebotomist who managed to handle that task just fine.

Three hours of sleep last night, chaos getting labs done - and now working late to get the Save the Date cards printed... hope for some sleep before loading the car in the morning. zzzzzzzz!

17 June Thurs - ALL FIVE VOLUMES OF THE RAMBO BOOKS ARE NOW IN PRINT! Purchases are available through AuthorHOUSE.com. Search by the author or by Rambo Family Tree.

16 June Wed - WHAAAATTTT?????? Whaddya mean it is the middle of June? We are missing fifteen days here! Soon a report on the FUN FUN FUN MIT fortieth class reunion (June 3-6) will be forthcoming; maybe even this year! In the meantime and in-between time - 7-12 June we returned to the Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia working 12 to 14 hour days - racing against the departure date to organize 80 boxes of records until we can return to continue the project next spring.

13 June - 16 June- After a delightful lunch with former Governor Herb and his wife, Zofia, current Governor of the Swedish Colonial Society, Sally and her husband, Nigel , we drove I-95 south towards Florida to visit the widowed husband of Cynthia's cousin Claire and accept Claire's large collection of records she wished to give to her. We drove into an oven that cooled briefly during a rain storm arriving late last night. HOT is the only word that comes to mind. The mission accomplished - we will leave tomorrow morning for Hilton Head to see Cousin Sharon and Hugh before driving onto Columbia, SC for breakfast at Lizards 7 Thicket with the gang on Sunday morning.

7 June - 12 June - Archiving at the Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia
3 June-6 June - MIT Fortieth Class Reunion

1 June - Tues. Traffic into Boston was remarkably light on the drive through Boston to Somerville to meet Jan, Dorothy and their son Christian for lunch at Magoon's Pub - and to view Christian's new home. Delightful conversations filled the afternoon. What a treat it was to see them once again. We journeyed onto REI; indeed the new cargo pants had just arrived and fit remarkably well being a size smaller. The MIT reunion begins on Friday.

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