Monday, February 9, 2009

February - Life at the Lake Part II

13 Feb.- We have been enjoying watching the duckies. Smooch smooch is learning the species of ducks: common duckey, Common Loons, uncommon ducky aka Koots, old koot (that would be me), Wood Ducks, and two honking big & gorgeous white Peking Ducks. They feed in the shallows close to the house and really go after sunflower seeds ... with a small investment in sunflower seeds we could be eating duck next week. Tomorrow is the Valentine's Day party, so we are madly cleaning house before the housekeepers arrive at noon today.

12 Feb - Party preparations: We mortgaged the firstborn to buy wine. I do hope little Carol Ann will forgive me, especially if our firstborn turns out to be male. Dinner at Bonefish Grill was again wonderful.

10 Feb. - Life at the Lake is mighty pleasant. Good news today in the form of a phone call from Walt, an MIT motorcycling buddy who is lucky to have survived a twenty-foot fall onto a rocky river bed from a bridge in Copper Canyon, Mexico three weeks ago. Perhaps even more surprising is that he survived the Mexican "ambulance" ride & medical treatment. His wife was quick to arrange (by telephone) his release to the Cleveland Clinic MedEVac jet to return him to Cleveland. AttaGirl ! After a week at the Clinic, he is now convalescing at home in a straight jacket. The other riders have learned that they need TWO doctors on all trips henceforth.

Proofing of the Rambo Family Tree continues to progress: volume four is proofed, now proofing page 170 in volume five. Galley proofs of volume two await review, no excuse for not yet submitting of volume three to the publisher. "Soon" and "very soon" all five volumes will be in print.

1 Feb 2009 - How did February get here already ???

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