Wednesday, July 11, 2007

South Carolina: last stop before Appalachian Trail

23 July, Wednesday: Blue Bell Ice Cream sale ended yesterday - I'm fatter than usual. Mail arrived - Thanks Clarence. Genealogy CDs mailed. Asset allocation way outta whack, but not in need of any immediate fix. AT departure imminent - like this weekend.

17 July, Thursday: Still in Columbia. Contract signed & sent to publisher. Book sent to publisher. Compost pile turned, trees cut down, weeds pulled, grass mowed. After I finish hedge trimming I'll be caught up on yard work. It has been fun to walk & talk with Dick Richards for an hour every day. I did wash the down sleeping bag with the soap Walt gave me as a birthday present. Good results - more loft than previous three washings. Bye.

11 July, Wednesday: Yesterday I rode about 550 miles from Jim's at Mount Airy, MD to the Gowdy's in Columbia, SC. I stopped under overpasses to avoid rain three times, at a Motel 8 long enough to sew a patch on my pants, and was drenched by an unavoidable downpour only once. It was very nice to be back on my comfortable Beemer, but the bike is rattling uphill and hammering on long hills - Methinks I have a rod knock. Oh well, no worries until after I hike.

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