Monday, August 1, 2016

August relief from back pain? God willing

31 Aug: Breakfast at Jean Pierre's. Lunch at Cyprus Cafe, Spine Colorado at 3:15; awesome dinner at Eulus with four flavors of sorbet. The big news from Spine Colorado is the L-4 is not completely disintegrated. No surgery is recommended yet. Also, Cynthia will follow up on aortic stenosis with an echocardiogram Sept 13th. And tomorrow IS another MONTH.

30 Aug: Hello IRS: We rode towards Durango with our overnight in Farmington, NM for the final consultation with Cynthia's Orthopod at Spine Colorado on Wednesday. Dinner at St. Claire's Winery in Farmington was excellent. Ron left a message with Charlie C.

29 Aug: WooHoo! Janie's heater is working. So is her clothes dryer that was filled with mice nests. Janie is very happy; Dee, the tenant, was jumping up and down with joy, "I have heat!!" Ron is happy he saved Janie thousands of dollars in repair bills. We had lunch at Harry's with Janie and her new honey, a surgeon who studied in Iowa and knows Ole and Lene jokes. Great day.

28 Aug: Happy Birthday Linda! After another exciting breakfast at IHOP we ventured into Home Depot hunting for a tool kit to repair Janie's dryer now in pieces on her lawn. We are off to Tony and June's this afternoon.

27 Aug: Aspen Ranch Trail - hiking and hunting wild mushrooms with John and Linda. We weren't certain about eating many of the mushrooms including the interesting species on the tree. Dinner with kindred spirits, Mike and Maria, at Vinaigrettes was marvelous.

26 Aug: Linda postponed hiking until tomorrow. The fanny pack is at Janie's in the backyard. Zooma zooma! Ron worked at Janie's and Cynthia finalized DNA projects.

25 Aug: Cynthia is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her ordination with a girl day. Stewart beat Ron at GO first round, but he won the second round; dinner tonight with Nina was so lovely at Radish and Rye. After dinner we stopped at John and Linda's to plan tomorrow's hike. Checking the hotel room for the fanny pack, which wasn't anywhere to be found, we re-traced our footsteps and left messages at Janie's and Stewart's.

24 Aug: Brrrrr it's chilly in Santa Fe. After breakfast at IHOP we drove to Janie's to treat her to lunch at Harry's Roadhouse. The prickly pear sorbet was delicious. No one else is home so we are back to work on our projects.

23 Aug: Cynthia's first cortisone injection into the sacroiliac worked wonders for her back pain and sciatica, and the doctor administered the second shot for the bursa yesterday, so she is feeling on top of the world except for overstimulation and stomach upset from the cortisone. If we see no more pain in the next few days, we will be ever more thankful than usual. I'm still up to my ears in other genealogy projects and motorcycle riding. Here is the latest itinerary:

We will be in Santa Fe today through the 29th then back to Durango for the final follow-up August 31st. If all is well, then on to Salt Lake City by the 11th of September when Cynthia flies back to Texas until the 17th. Then we mosey through Colorado to Denver and onto the Great Plains to Mankato, Kansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Keosauqua, Iowa; Mt. Olive, Illinois (my sistah deah); Trenton, Illinois; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio (that would be to visit Walter if available) and into New England by October 5th, when leaf peeping season is expected to be in full swing, to Mt. Airy, Maryland by the 14th and Philadelphia for a few days either before or after the wedding on the 16th. All plans subject to alteration depending upon hot or rainy weather.

22 Aug: CT Scan followed by epidural steroid in bursa followed by immediate pain relief. Cynthia is very happy. After breakfast at Jean Perre's we bundled up for the chilly ride to Farmington, NM to discover Home2 Suites by Hilton is a very affordable, comfortable place to stay. The girlie is happy to have a laundry. Farmington boasts St. Clair's Winery Bistro, a great place to feed our faces.

21 Aug: Departure for Durango was early. We arrived at Egg and I by nine AM on the money. The ride on CO 145 south was spectacular, a constant kaleidoscope of color. Brunch outdoors at the Sheridan Hotel in Telluride was a highlight of the day. We became warm enough to remove jackets in the canyon before Telluride but coolness prevailed under the cloud cover as we climbed the ski basin departing Telluride. Gorgeous! Once we arrived in Durango, Ron rode to City Market running into rain three blocks out. He spent the next two hours in the market enjoying fat free bread. Photo of Cynthia with her grand nephew Tyler:

20 Aug: Today's ride from Grand Junction to Grand Mesa, CO meant donning jackets because the temp cooled to 60 degrees. The hikes, ride, views were spectacular, especially standing on the summit at 10,000 feet elevation. By the time we returned close to Grand Junction the jackets went back in the bike.

19 Aug: How unfortunate we can't post videos on this blog. Today's ride and hikes in the Colorado National Monument were indescribable. The nature trail was fascinating and so was the John Otto trail. Here is a link to the creation of the national park and the brains and brawn that built it: Most interesting is his short lived married life.

18 Aug: The ride from Ouray to Ridgway to Colo 62 to Colo 145 to Colo 141 to Grand Junction was filled with AWESOME canyon scenery plus lotsa twisties. We were surprised by, and rode through, a 10 minute shower 20 miles from Grand Junction. After checking in at the Palomino Motel (surprisingly pleasant given the low price) we walked next door to Randle's for lunch, across the street to Save-a-lot foods for delicious strawberry fruit bars and to Dollar Tree for Pennysticks pretzels. Cynthia then snoozed while Ron rode off to the Forestry Service on Cross? and the BMW/KTM/Harley dealership "next door" to find out about oil & tires & 6000 mile maintenance. Thereafter he rode past the purported location of Egg and I, through town, and out to the Colorado National Monument. Wow, was that a beautiful ride, just as the motel manager suggested. Now we find out if a link to Photos of Ouray and Colorado Nat'l Monument works. (Looks good, now to e-mail it to Jim who requested the photos.)

17 Aug: Ron completed work on Vol. 7 and shipped it off to Ken P. do complete. After breakfast at Backstreet Bistro we hiked to Cascade Falls followed by lunch at the Brewery visiting with nice ladies from Texas. Ron continued hiking the entire Perimeter Trail despite rain. Dinner at the Brickhouse was terrific. They even had sorbet for dessert.

16 Aug: Ouray, CO. We will hike today. The hotel won't make egg white veggie omelets because all of their food comes from the vendors that supply buffet breakfasts that are loaded with fat. Roast and Toast didn't have cooking spray with zero fat. One more restaurant to try or we chalk this up to dieting for three days, and yes, the Backstreet Bistro will indeed make egg white veggie omelets. Ron is working on Vol. 7 while Cynthia slept the afternoon away enjoying pain free back. The 31st of August we have a consultation with Spine Colorado. Rolfing won't be of any help. But we will ask about stem cell therapy and discuss surgery.

15 Aug: Spine Colorado in Durango for one of two cortisone epidural injections at 9:15 (went fine). The back will be pain free for six hours with hopes the steroids kick in when the novacaine wears off. Prayers go up for friends and cousins in Louisiana reporting tales of horror, rescue and relief. Breakfast at Jean Pierre's, followed by an awesome ride on the twisties to Ouray, CO for two days. The bakery in Ouray was still open as we walked by with a fat free French baguette for sale. We had a fine lunch at the Brewery consuming half the baguette. Dinner at the Bon Ton Restaurant after Ron hiked half the perimeter trail. Photo is of Ron and Bikers in Ouray:

14 Aug: Durango, CO. We packed in record time but had to wait at Seasons Cafe for breakfast longer than it took to pack. The wait was worth the delicious omelet with sweet corn and red beans. We rode on CO 160 all the way to Durango with a pit-stop in Pagosa Springs for a Smoothie. Upon arrival in Durango, we discovered our favorite restaurants close between 2 and 5; we sat out the wait at Jean Pierre's until they began to serve dinner at 5:00. Our Econolodge lodging is the most reasonable in Durango although it is very pricey for what we get.

13 Aug: Salida, CO: On the road again... or almost. Instead of turning west on 85 out of Denver, Ron turned east. After driving considerable distance he realized we were not going the right direction and turned around for the ride on 85 west to 285 south. That didn't quite work, either. We by-passed 285 south and had to turn around again. The temp turned cool going over the passes with some sprinkles, too. Eventually we arrived in Salida, CO trying to find food. The offerings are few. Cynthia is catching cold and went to sleep early.

12 Aug: Another successful morning maneuvering light rail and free busses to the library. The rides are most interesting filled with surprising companions on our journey. Ron has successfully completed all but two orders for family group sheets for the SCS. Roxanne goes home in the morning and we leave for Durango, a two day ride. Brett and Roxanne took us to Pappadeaux for dinner.

11 Aug:The genealogist of 38 years at the Denver Public Library is a member of the Swedish Colonial Society. Small world. Brett and Roxanne picked us up for dinner at Del Frisco at 6:30.

10 Aug: The F-line to 18th and California followed by the free shuttle to 15th and Broadway, then two blocks on foot brought us back to heaven: the Denver Public Library. An art exhibit on the fifth floor by Herndon Davis is compelling. Cynthia boogied next door to the Denver Musuem of Art for an American Indian and pre-colonial Latin American exhibit. Roxanne arrived in Denver so we will extend our stay by two days to visit with her.

9 Aug: Another day in Denver took us on the E-Line to downtown and the public library, home again to have dinner with Brett at Del Frisco's.

8 Aug: After forty minutes on light rail to Union Station, ten minutes on a free shuttle bus and a ten minute walk, we arrived at the Denver Public Library, home of the second largest genealogy department in a public library in the US. I am not pleased with the cataloging system, nor do they have what I want. We have been warned not to take the 16th street river walk, home to Denver's heroin addicts, but we may have met some of them on the bus. At 4:30 we returned to the hotel using up our day pass and enjoyed a great dinner ar McCormick and Schmick's with Brett.

7 Aug: Denver, CO for five days to explore the Denver Library and art museums. Brett picked us up after breakfast for a delightful day at the Denver Museum of Natural Science Robot exhibit followed by lunch at D Denver Restaurant where they served Ron four servings of sorbet.

6 Aug: Denver, CO enjoying a great day with grandson Brett. We ate lunch at a unique outdoor restaurant, then looked at a house he is interested in renting before going to his apt.

5 Aug: Durango, CO ... It is raining as we prepare to ride to Denver for a week with Grandson Brett before returning to Spine Colorado for a couple of back treatments and to discuss surgery the end of August. Cynthia's L-4 is disintegrating, lying somewhat askew on nerves with bone on bone. Also discovered, she has aortic stenosis that our Houston cardiologist will check. The spine clinic in Durango has an outstanding reputation among pro athletes across the US. Our ride was minimally dry. Departure was delayed until nearly one PM due to rain, arrived at 2 Chicks and a Hippie with eleven minutes to spare for lunch. The rain was the decision maker in riding east on 160 before turning north; cool temperatures and occasional sprinkles Were our companions until we arrived in Pueblo, CO with no room at any inn until intuition kicked Ron at a Rodeway Inn. We won't complain.

4 Aug: Breakfast at Jean Pierre's. Vol.7 emailed to Ken P. - Spine Colorado consultation, dinner at Cypress, return images to Spine Colorado and pack the bags for an early morning departure.

3 Aug: Happy birthday to Jon. The Smooches were packed and ready to ride to Durango by 11:15 AM. The hotel rates in Durango are extremely high. Lunch at Jean Pierre's was very nice followed by a hot hike. Hey! The forecast was supposed to be cool and wet. Back to work on Volume 7.

2Aug: The Coyote Hill Loop Trail in reverse was recommended by two South American women who claimed the views would be better. They were right. 3 miles, home by 2:30 in time for the girlieacure. Ron bought sorbet at City Market before going to check on Le Bouef French Restaurant for dinner. Next door was an ice cream store with sorbet beckoning. Ron is full. A new Granddaughter arrived today, Ellanore, making 7 granddaughters, 2 great granddaughters, four grandsons.

1 Aug: Pagosa Springs, CO: 2Chicks and a Hippie are closed on Mondays necessitating a bike ride to Rose's where the waitress brought us a headache from talking too fast. We stopped at the GoPro store for a refresher course on using the device. The Internet at the hotel is sorta working today. A large dead porcupine has been laying on the road in front of the hotel for several days. Ron and Cynthia are working on SCS projects and DNA reports. We see the Orthopod at Spine Colorado Thursday hoping for back relief. Linda suggests Rolfing, which is a good Idea if the Orthopod approves. Today's Coyote Hill hike was 3 miles; three interesting birds flew past us.